Babette s'en va-t-en guerre (1959) Brigitte Bardot

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    Rating: 6.1/10
    Runtime: 106 min
    Language: French
    Country: France
    Color: Color (Eastmancolor)

    Description: Comedy about a naive French country girl in London who helps the war effort by parachuting into German-occupied France to help kidnap an important German general. She bungles through to a heroic finish of plot and counter-plot.

    Rar Password: none
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    :heyo: thanks :heyo:
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    Thanks. I adore BB but was just a hair young in her heyday. It's great to see these old flicks.
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    oh the links couldn't be found anymore... such a shame. can anyone upload this file as i really cannot find it anywhere??? thanks a million.
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    reupload please!

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