Bajo California: El límite del tiempo (1998)

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    Rating: 8.4/10
    Runtime: 96 min
    Language: Spanish
    Country: México
    Color: Color

    Rar Password: None

    The only DVD release I know is a mexican one, although its region 1&4, it doesn't contains english subtitles.
    There is not much dialogue in the movie, but the few lines (sadly) are memorable and really meaningful.

    In addition the mexican DVD doesn't makes justice to the breathtaking cinematography by Claudio Rocha.
    The DVD is "another" cheap release by "Quality Films" (sic), it's cropped and the colors are excesively muted, the contrast is also poor.
    The audio is not good neither; something that affects the movie experience a lot since the haunting score from "Bajo California" composed by Antonio Fernández Ros is both nostalgic and magic and helps to tell the story efficiently.

    Anyway that's better than nothing I guess. So if your spanish is good enough, wait until i come to your place to translate it in real time xD

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