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Discussion in 'Archive' started by d0PeHeAd, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. d0PeHeAd

    d0PeHeAd Guest

    Can any mods help me or can tell me why i been BANNED from the shoutbox 4 and how long 4 i can't remember say anything wrong ,no requesting,no live links or any other thing that can get me banned from there so why is it i get

    Notice: You are currently banned from the shoutbox

    when i go to shoutbox :cray:

    Whoop's mean't to be posted in the help center
  2. PumperKink

    PumperKink Guest

    Im also getting the same saying that i am banned from the shoutbox...

    Im not guilty i know that for sure and can only admit to sometimes typing into the shoutbox what i wish to search for but i then say sorry in there...

    So can the powers that be please let us know !!!

    chEErs !!!
  3. cazza65

    cazza65 Guest

    Me too - once i typed in a search by mistake - just like PumperKink above. I've also searched the entire site for anything relating to being banned and can't find anything at all. Could someone answer? Cheers peeps.
  4. psychozis

    psychozis Guest

    even i have been banned!!! i dont understand y??i jus typed-boom.
    no reason was given y i was banned
    no mention of how long
    iv sent a mail to them also
    no reply yet
  5. psychozis

    psychozis Guest

    me too!!
    all i typed was the word boom
    wats wrong in that
    theres no mention of how long il be banned
    no mention of why
    i sent a mail today regarding this
    still havent recieved a reply
  6. d0PeHeAd

    d0PeHeAd Guest

    contact a mod this is wot i done but be polite
  7. youngrichard717

    youngrichard717 New Member

    Feb 29, 2012
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    who is ban u i dont have ..
    lookin for this ...
    talking w/ mods ...
  8. nickbek

    nickbek New Member

    Apr 13, 2012
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    if banned who ever did it should have told you why
  9. dinnerboy20

    dinnerboy20 Guest

    I'v also been banned and wasn't told why or by whom .... if one of you mods could un-ban me that would lovely....

    t's been like a whole month now i thought maybe the shout box was just down..

    but anyways thanks in advance
  10. psychozis

    psychozis Guest

    no one has told me why....nor do i know who banned me...please tell me what to do..
  11. cazza65

    cazza65 Guest

    i think its funny - getting banned from the shoutbox - no reason given. i once by accident used it for a search. i've even made a donation. what a laugh. i don't mind being banned from the shoutbox but i would like to know why. i must be a very naughty girl.

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