Baraka -Ron Fricke- DvdRip [1992]

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    Yönetmen : Ron Fricke

    Müzisyen : Michael Stearns

    Yapým : 1992, ABD

    Tür : Belgesel

    Bringing together smoothly is a striking image of "Baraka" the (word of life in the old language mysticism means breath.) Ron Fricke of human life and compete with the world does not break off ties to unfurl targets. Movies with great people in the nature of the adverse impact on nature in a way very impressive from a visual perspective is being reflected on the silver screen ... This documentary does not exceed any dialogue - if you follow it you will understand it is not a requirement - to 96-minute audience offers a visual feast. Ron Fricke taþýyan signature film 6 continents in 24 different countries of the shooting by blending different oluþturulmuþ.Her frame is a photo and photo art in the less interested you are one of Baraka 't necessarily need to follow tell you, so categories and include photos I've already (ie, what relevance has , also said that if they tell). Mysticism in this visual feast, eternity and nothingness, time and time, complexity, and concepts such as inertia and the origin of a word sufi bulacaksýnýz.Baraka. "Soluk," "sanctification" or "evolutionary sure to occur Decin their essence of life" carries meaning. This means all of the shooting in 24 countries and five-year period conducted by the spread of Ron Fricke film is showing itself. David Lean'in 1970 masterpiece of the draw "-Ryan's Daughter Irish Girl" is not used since large-format 70 mm film cameras captured several legendary places were: Everest, Tiananmen, rain forests, Piramitler, Galapagos Islands ... As a result, viewers of the war, aggression and competitiveness of the image, the world's most inspiring scenery was destroyed in the most extraordinary images and sounds that are flood grasp. American philosopher-denemeci Joseph Campbell'in "The Power of Myth-The power of myth" was founded on the idea of justice work "Baraka" or 13th Shown at the International Istanbul Film Festival, called "Life's Soluk of the world's evolution, the human world's diversity and its impact on the lives

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