Bas-fonds* Les (1936)

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    Rating: 7.7
    Runtime: 90
    Language: French
    Country: France
    Color: Black & White

    Description: Voted 1936's best picture by a circle of prestigious French critics* Jean Renoir's The Lower Depths (Les Bas-Fonds) is based on the "gutter" play by Russian author Maxim Gorky. Louis Jouvet plays The Baron* forced by circumstance to give up his life of luxury and to set up residence in the slums of Paris. As Jouvet observes the passing parade* he bears witness to the frustrated romance between Jean Gabin and Junie Astor* the thwarted dreams of actor Robert Le Vigan* and the oppressive cruelties of landlord Vladimir Sokoloff. The Lower Depths surprised Renoir's admirers* who weren't used to seeing the director involve himself in so sordid and depressing a tale. Actually* the project was brought to Renoir by a producer friend of his* who secured the director's services by promising to provide Louis Jouvet and Jean Gabin as the leading actors. Renoir's The Lower Depths would make a fascinating companion piece to Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa's 1957 adaptation of the same Gorky play. ~ Hal Erickson* All Movie Guide

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