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    BEAT Magazine - EDM Inferno GEIST | 1.17 GB

    The collection is called EDM Inferno and contains a compilation of previous packs they have released on the web and on their magazine's cover DVD. There are offered 15 main collections, obtaining a total 267 kits:

    Geist Beat Box Rocker
    Geist Drums Galore
    Geist EDM Asylum
    Geist Electribe
    Geist Enigmatic Percussion
    Geist Hybrid Drums
    Geist Its Drums
    Geist Minimal Drums
    Geist Percussion Elements
    Peripherique Drums:
    Geist Bitpop Assembly
    Geist Foundation
    Geist Percussion Deluxe
    Geist Synthetic Drums
    Geist Synthetic Glitches
    Geist Turntable Drummer

    Maybe the best part is that Geist, a well-known sampling drum machine for beats and grooves is included. Well, is rebranded as GeistLite Beat and has some limited features, but it is quite useful and fully functional.



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