Beautiful Boxer (2003)

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    Beautiful Boxer Director's Cut (2000) (Thai)

    Thai language - English subtitles - DVDRIP

    Winner of 54th International Filmfestpiele Panorama:
    Best Actor
    Best makeup

    L&G Festival Best Picture
    L.A. Outfest Emerging New Talent

    This is the story of a Thai countryside boy, Toom. Since he's 5 years old he feels the desire to dress like a girl,
    have white beautiful skin and put on make up. Later on, as an adult, he's challenged to a Thai kickboxing
    match, he reveals incredible strenght and attitude for the sport.

    So a double individual is born, one a powerful kickboxer which will enter a training camp,
    and the "girl" side which is always with him. Incredible these 2 will fuse on the box ring
    and Toom will become the first travenstite kickboxer.

    At first rejected, he climb his way on the top ranking boxeur until he challenge
    powerful "Anaconda" for the title in Bangkok. He wins and the future open up to him, he challenge internationally
    acllaimed kickboxeur and wins until... the girl inside him have something to tell him!


    DVDRIP > Xvid - Video: 1024 kbps, 640x380, 25f/s PAL - Audio 96 kbps AC3

    Download Links: 8 x 100 Mbytes RAR files, 1% recovery record, tested twice.
    no pass.

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