Beauty in Trouble (2006)

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    Kráska v nesnázích / Beauty in Trouble (2006)
    DVDRip | Czech (+ Subtitles in ENG* POL) | 1:50:00 | XVID Mpeg-4* 1327 Kbps* 25.0 fps* 640*368 (16:9) | AC3* 448 Kbps* 48000 Hz* 6 channels* 1 audio track (CZ) | 700 MB + 700 MB
    Genre: Melodrama* Comedy

    Beauty in Trouble explores a young woman’s romantic dilemma: torn between a primal connection and the need to provide for her children* she loves two men. Set against the back drop of the recent floods in Prague* Beauty in Trouble is full of unexpected twists* humor and amazing performances culminating in a surprising and paradox ending.

    Subtitles are available
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