Bella Martha aka Mostly Martha DVDRip (2001)

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    Bella Martha.avi (699 MB)

    Source: DVDRip
    Runtime: 107 minutes
    Language: German, Italian
    Subtitles: English Hard-coded

    IMDb Info:
    IMDb Ratings: 7.4/10 (2363 votes)

    Plot: Martha (Gedeck) is a successful and dedicated chef in one of Hamburg's top restaurants. Supremely focused on her art, all other aspects of her life are marshalled to support the cause of this one overriding passion. It is through cooking that she communicates with the outside world, seemingly sublimating all other desires for love, companionship, and a well-balanced life. After a tragic accident in which her sister is killed, her stroppy, sulky eight-year-old niece Lina (Foerste) comes to stay, disrupting the ordered and sterile world she has created for herself. As Martha begins to lose her grip on the situation, her working life is further jolted by the arrival of a haphazard but charming new Italian sous-chef, Mario (Castellitto), who is the antithesis of her perfectionist, controlling self.


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