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    Best Service - Ethno World 4 Professional KONTAKT | 3 GB

    Ethno World 4 Professional - sample library based on Kontakt 2 Player. It includes over 200 professionally recorded ethnic instrumentovi more than 14,000 samples in high quality, divided into the following categories:

    * Bowed instruments
    * Stringed instruments
    * Woodwind and brass
    * Key instruments
    * Bell type instruments
    * Metal type instruments
    * World drums
    * World percussion
    * Gongs and bowls
    * Voices (new category)

    With its 10 gigabytes of samples, Ethno World 4 is one of the most extensive ethnic library in the world. It allows you to play a variety of instruments from every continent. Such as:
    * Saron
    * Tibetan bells
    * Saz
    * Kantele
    * Irish flutes
    * Military cassa
    * Angklung
    * Egyptian fiddle
    * Erhu
    * Gaohu
    * Scale changer harmonium
    * Bouzouki
    * Santoor
    * Hulusi
    * Dung Dkar horns
    * Cajon
    * Balafon
    * Western fiddle
    * Monochord
    * Duduk (new)
    * Dvojacka
    * Hotchiku
    * Shakuhachi
    * Fujara
    * Ciaramella
    * Mankosedda
    * Jews Harp
    * Launeddas
    You will also receive the well-known Indian stringed instruments Dilruba and Esraj and unique recorded just for this release: the choir and string ensemble Morin Khuur (Mongolia), Overtone Singing (throat singing?), Individual male and female voices.
    Best Service Ethno World 4 Professional Sample Collection Specifications:
    * System Requirements
    * 12 GB free hard disc space, DVD-ROM drive
    * Win: XP / Vista, Pentium / Athlon XP 1,4GHz, 512MB of RAM
    * Mac: OS X 10.4+, G4 1GHz or Intel Core 2 Duo 1,66GHz, 512MB of RAM
    * Win: XP, Pentium III / Athlon 1GHz, 1 GB RAM
    * Mac: OS X 10.3 or higher, G5 1.8 GHz, 1 GB RAM
    Supported Formats
    * Win: Standalone, VST 2.0, RTA, ASIO
    * Mac: Standalone, VST, Audio Units, RTAS, Core Audio, Core MIDI
    Best Service Ethno World 4 Professional Sample Collection Features:
    * Contains 10GB of samples, more than 200 professionally recorded ethnic instruments
    * More than 14,000 high quality samples in the following categories: Bowed instruments, stringed instruments, woodwind and brass, key instruments, bell type instruments, metal type instruments, world drums, world percussion, gongs and bowls, and voices (new for Ethno World 4)
    * Transpose all instruments and playing styles into any chosen key using the Kontakt Elastic Audio Engine "Time Machine 2"
    * All drum and percussion loops can be played in any tempo with the Time Machine II and each individual loop is completely free to be programmed in all parameters
    * Format: 3 DVD Set Kontakt 2 Player (included)


    Servic Ethno World 4 Pro - D1.part1.rar
    Servic Ethno World 4 Pro - D1.part2.rar
    Servic Ethno World 4 Pro - D1.part3.rar

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