Bienvenido Mister Marshall (1953)

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    Rating: 8.6/10
    Runtime: 1h15min
    Language: spanish
    Country: Spain
    Color: B/W

    Description: When people of Villar del Rio (a small spanish village) hear of the visit of american diplomants that are suposed to bring benefits and developement under the Marshall Plan, they all begin to think of all kind of ideas to impress them. Though Villar del Rio lays in Castilla, its citizens transform themselves and the town into a fake andalusian village in order to please the americans, who are believed to know only Spain through Andalusia and flamenco.
    Bienvenido Mr Marshall is a Berlanga early film, and one his most popular comedies. It satirizes the economical and political situation of Spain in the fifties, the expectations of Spain about the European Recovery Program promoted by the Secretary os State in USA that brings name to the movie. But specially the movie makes fun with the stereotypes that one culture helds towards another, and the troubles of misunderstanding the percetion that other people have on one's culture.

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