Billy the Kid (1930)

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    Rating: 6.4/10
    Runtime: USA:95 min (Turner library print)
    Language: English (With Hard Coded French Subs)
    Country: USA
    Color: Black & White
    IMDb Link:
    Director: King Vidor
    Johnny Mack Brown- William H. 'Billy the Kid' Bonney (as John Mack Brown)
    Wallace Beery ... Deputy Sheriff Pat Garrett
    Kay Johnson ... Claire Randall
    Karl Dane ... Swenson
    Wyndham Standing ... John W. 'Jack' Tunston
    Russell Simpson ... Angus McSween
    Blanche Friderici ... Mrs. McSween (as Blanche Frederici)
    Roscoe Ates ... Old Stuff (as Rosco Ates)
    Description: In this version of the Billy the Kid legend, Billy, after shooting down land baron William Donovan's henchmen for killing Billy's boss, is hunted down and captured by his friend, Sheriff Pat Garrett. He escapes and is on his way to Mexico when Garrett, recapturing him, must decide whether to bring him in or to let him go.

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    hi, thank you, this is a great rare gem, links seem to be dead though, could some one please post some known good links, it would be much appreciated
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    links dead :((
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    links STILL dead :(

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