Bitley Fairlight XXL REFiLL-DYNAMiCS

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    Bitley Fairlight XXL REFiLL-DYNAMiCS | 1.71GB

    Around 3,000 individual patches for Reason 5 and upwards. Everything from Fairlight II+ including additional edits, new patches, new samples and Kong drum sets. This refill sets an exceptional standard, delivering all of the sounds you always dreamed of right into your Reason rack. Machines costing several thousand dollars are sort of melted into this refill. Install it and compete instantly with the finest synthesizers available yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    So what is the Fairlight XXL? It is a refill for Reason 5 or Reason 5 & Record 1.5 and upwards. It contains the entire Fairlight CMI library, used with kind permission from Fairlight Instruments in Australia. Being the 8th major release of the Fairlight refills since April 2010 when the first version came, it now contains 3 Gb of data (this is compressed when packing the refill; the refill itself is close to 2 GbпїЅs), over 13,000 individual files in all; more instruments has been added all the time.

    Quick info
    пїЅ All sounds from II+
    пїЅ 3,04 Gb of files unpacked
    пїЅ About 3,000 patches for all Reason instruments
    пїЅ About 5,000 samples altogether

    New things
    пїЅ Additonal Fairlight CMI II samples
    пїЅ All previous bonus refills included & merged in
    пїЅ Lots of brand new unique material
    пїЅ Even more super fun combis
    пїЅ A ridiculous amount of NNXTs
    пїЅ Pro userпїЅs personal SCI Studio 440 library included
    пїЅ Kong patches


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