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    Black Night follows the same successful formula to create a thrilling title, by collecting three ghost stories from Hong Kong, Japan, and Thailand. Each episode contains details that are specific to the local culture of the place of production, and the three episodes together will offer a unique cross-border experience with the horror genre.
    "Next Door"What happens if a gorgeous female ghost lives next door? Young actress Annie Liu from Ah Sou, handsome Taiwanese actor Dylan Guo who made his film debut in Embrace Your Shadow, and Race Wong from 2R join forces to tell a story set in a ghostly neighborhood. Having been John Woo's assistant director for quite some time, director Patrick Leung has already proved his talent in engaging his audience with box-office hits like Mighty Baby and Good Times, Bed Times. Now is the time for another horror movie from him.
    "Dark Hole"Asaka Seto participates in another horror movie after her hugely popular One Missed Call 2. Takashi Kashiwabara, whose charm first shined in Love Letter ten years ago, plays her fiance in "Dark Hole". Director Akiyama Takahiko has demonstrated his wits in Hinokio, and he is just as clever in creating mysteries in "Dark Hole", in which the answer of all inexplicable incidents lies in a secret that happened 15 years ago!
    "Lost Memory"Horror is a very prominent genre in Thai cinema, and Black Night also features one episode from the Thai director Thanit Jitnukul. Apart from astounding scenes which weaves together forming a complicated story, "Lost Memory" also devotes some time portraying a mother's love for her child. The story starts with a woman, suspecting her husband to have an affair, leaving home with her only son on a rainy night, and they meet an accident on their way...

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    File name: Black.Night.2006.DVDRip.XviD-BiEN
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    it has a second rar file wich contains the movie,but it is password

    what is the password
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    nevermind found it on the internet.

    just in case for any else who download it

    the password is : xxxxxxxx-by-ghiengame

    if someone will need it,because it is not listed on this page
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    I don't get it. When I tried to extract it, I get an error. I made sure I had downloaded every single file too. How am I suppose to play xvid files? I tried downloading the codec too but it didn't help.
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    It works perfectly as explained above. When you extract the first set of rar files, you get another single rar file. If this second file doesn't appear to be a rar file, rename this by adding a .rar to the file name and extract it again, with the password: xxxxxxxx-by-ghiengame. You get an avi+srt+nfo file...
    If you get an error while trying to join the first set of rar files, note the file showing the error and re-download that particular rar file again.

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