Black Tavern (1972)

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    Rating: 8.6
    Runtime: 87
    Language: Chinese (English subtitles included)
    Country: Hong Kong
    Color: Color

    Description: At a tavern a vagrant monk comes in and sings a song. He tells a story about recently meeting a corrupt minister who is traveling with his ill-gotten treasures on a wagon. The inn is full of shady characters who all take an interest in this tale. One lone swordsman goes on the road and encounters the minister and his daughter and daughter's female servant under attack from some of the shady characters just in the tavern. He drives the attackers away and joins the minister on the road. They end up at an inn to spend the night. This is not an ordinary inn as it is run by some very evil criminals who are up to nasty things.

    Rar Password: Torgo
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