Blood Feast (1963)

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    Rating: 4.2/10
    Runtime: 67
    Language: English
    Country: USA
    Color: Color
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis
    Detective Pete Thornton: Thomas Wood (William Kerwin)
    Fuad Ramses: Mal Arnold
    Suzette Fremont: Connie Mason
    Frank, Police Captain: Scott H. Hall
    Mrs. Dorothy Fremont: Lyn Bolton
    Trudy Sanders: Toni Calvert
    Marcy, Girl on beach: Ashlyn Marton
    Pat Tracey: Sandra Sinclair
    Motel victim: Astrid Olson
    Drunken husband: David F. Friedman (uncredited)
    Radio Announcer: Herschell Gordon Lewis (uncredited)

    Description: Egyptian caterer busies himself collecting body parts from young maidens in order to bring Ishtar, an ancient goddess of good and evil back to life. When he has prepared enough parts for the ceremony, he hypnotizes a woman giving an engagement party for her daughter, at which he plans to perform the ancient rites of summons, using the daughter as his final sacrifice.

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