NitroFlare Bloom 1.0.181 MacOSX

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    Bloom 1.0.181 | MacOSX | 127.31 MB

    Bloom - the first editor that allows you to make "non-destructive editing." Each filter, effect, or smear vector applied to the image editing stores settings separately. This allows you to go back to all that you have done in the past and set it up - without re-do all the follow-up work. Even brush strokes are editable after you painted them!

    * Full support for "non-destructive editing"
    * Vector Shapes and Editing
    * Editing raster images
    * Supports universal 16-bit per channel
    * Importer PSD-file with layers, groups, masks and layers mixing styles
    * Optimized for large files
    * Import and export multiple formats, including RAW-files

    What's new in Version 1.0.181:
    * Improved start-up performance.
    * More intuitive multi-line text editing.
    * Stability improvements and bug fixes.

    OS - MacOSX 10.7 or Later
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