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Discussion in 'Archive' started by deadlegion, May 4, 2010.

  1. deadlegion

    deadlegion Guest

    Thought I'd start a new thread about possible ideas to make the site even more awesome.Some of the stuff I'll post here has been mentioned before, but I thought It'd be nice to have everyone combine their thoughts, ideas and opinions in the one thread.

    * automatic posting of live links should be disabled.Some members have difficulty understanding exactly how to code their links, and if this function was disabled their links would be posted uncoded still, but they wouldn't be live.
    In fact, if this change was made coding links may not even be a necessary rule anymore........I've seen this work on another board and members were quite grateful.

    EDIT: here's an example of a new member that doesn't even know what i'm talking about............

    * all known proxies should be blocked.The reason behind this is obvious to many staff.

    * a guest section (for public) should be seriously considered, and the majority of the board should be made available to registered members only.

    * VIP section can be created again.This may stop VIP members complaining so much in general.

    Post your opinions and add any other ideas you may have :D

  2. deadlegion

    deadlegion Guest

    Disabling live links would make the board safer for all members.
    Phishing links would not be posted as live links automatically anymore.
  3. deadlegion

    deadlegion Guest

    It's becoming obvious to me that the possible reason for the site being unavailable at times may be due to the server being overloaded with connections.

    It may be a question of what is more important for the site and members in general......

    *stay open to the public and still allow proxies?
    *make most of the board only available to registered members and block all proxies?

    Banned members still keep coming here even though they are banned, and this load on the server is just punishing other quality members here.

    I am seriously concerned with seeing the site become even better for all valued members ;)
  4. deadlegion

    deadlegion Guest

    Ok, there are link reporters around.......and they don't even need to register to look at links and report them.The board needs to be made private imho.

    I'd at least be happy with seeing some important sections being made private...........

    *Console Games sub-section.
    *DVDR5 - DVD - HD-DVD - BluRay - 720p - 1080p Movies section.
    *2010 Movies and its sub-section.
    *2008 - 2009 Movies and its sub-section.
    *TV Series Boxset sub-section.

    Also, all the other suggestions I've previously made in this thread are still important imo.......

    *automatic posting of live links needs to be disabled.
    *all known proxies should be blocked.
    *VIP section can be created again......with different rules than other sections.

    If implementing some of these things seems difficult, maybe consideration should be given to the idea of giving wolfens admin status (even if only temporary, then he could be an smod if admins don't think he's worthy of admin status).
    I'm sure if he's asked nicely to tighten up security and improve site performance he will help, but he would need ACP access.

    And finally, "staff rotation" usually happens on most sites, large or small.If some staff are to busy irl, have vanished or just cannot commit time to helping out around the board their positions should be made available to other ppl with enthusiasm.
    Old staff could possibly still return to positions if they can commit more time in the future.....and of course this doesn't apply to owner/admin.

    A good idea (just a suggestion) would be around 7hours+ per week for smods, 14hours+ per week for mods.
    Admins should really login at least once per day just to check the staff section and PM's for any important messages.Of course, these are only suggestions.......i'm just a mod lol.

    Cheers guys, any feedback would be good ;)
  5. Esconi_hann

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    Oct 10, 2012
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    A minor mod would be to prevent users using names such as [Φ]™ as I would guess that most people would not be able to check the 212 posts by that member, this would make the moderators job easier and could be done using pregnant matching or string replace

    yes not making all board open will help with the server load and at the same time allows for guests to see what the site has to offer

    VIP section I was vip before and enjoyed that section.

    The admincp and modcp should be renamed for the future as these are default paths, if you don't use default paths this makes it harder for the initial hack.

    .htaccess files should always be used as well

    look at what permissions are set for allowing uploads or better still don't allow them.

    upgrade the files and database 3.8.4 to 3.8.5 is a small stage upgrade not a major upgrade therefor the structures will be compatible

    Here is a very small example portion of what I use in .htaccess file I have lots of entries but will just give a small example of a couple of sections some of this was posted elsewhere. Some of this can be used to prevent sql injection attacks, spammers..etc.

    RewriteEngine on
    ServerSignature Off
    Options All -Indexes
    Options +FollowSymLinks
    #Deny domain access to spammers and other scumbags
    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteBase /
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ADSARobot|ah-ha|almaden|aktuelles|Anarchie|amzn_assoc|ASPSeek|ASSORT|ATHENS|Atomz|attach|attache|autoemailspider|BackWeb|Bandit|BatchFTP|bdfetch||BlackWidow|bmclient|Boston\ Project|BravoBrian\ SpiderEngine\ MarcoPolo|Bot\ mailto:[email protected][email protected]pping|Collector|Copier|Crescent|Crescent\ Internet\ ToolPak|Custo|cyberalert|DA$|Deweb|diagem|Digger|Digimarc|DIIbot|DISCo|DISCo\ Pump|DISCoFinder|Download\ Demon|Download\ Wonder|Downloader|Drip|DSurf15a|DTS.Agent|EasyDL|eCatch|ecollecto[email protected]\.net|Email\ Extractor|EirGrabber|email|EmailCollector|EmailSiphon|EmailWolf|Express\ WebPictures|ExtractorPro|EyeNetIE|FavOrg|fastlwspider|Favorites\ Sweeper|Fetch|FEZhead|FileHound|FlashGet\ WebWasher|FlickBot|fluffy|FrontPage|GalaxyBot|Generic|Getleft|GetRight|GetSmart|GetWeb!|GetWebPage|gigabaz|Girafabot|Go\!Zilla|Go!Zilla|Go-Ahead-Got-It|GornKer|gotit|Grabber|GrabNet|Grafula|Green\ [email protected]|hloader|HMView|HomePageSearch|http\ generic|HTTrack|httpdown|httrack|ia_archiver|IBM_Planetwide|Image\ Stripper|Image\ Sucker|imagefetch|IncyWincy|Indy*Library|Indy\ Library|informant|Ingelin|InterGET|Internet\ Ninja|InternetLinkagent|Internet\ Ninja|InternetSeer\.com|Iria|Irvine|JBH*agent|JetCar|JOC|JOC\ Web\ Spider|JustView|KWebGet|Lachesis|larbin|LeechFTP|LexiBot|lftp|libwww|likse|Link|Link*Sleuth|LINKS\ ARoMATIZED|LinkWalker|LWP|lwp-trivial|Mag-Net|Magnet|Mac\ Finder|Mag-Net|Mass\ Downloader|MCspider|Memo|Microsoft.URL|MIDown\ tool|Mirror|Missigua\ Locator|Mister\ PiX|MMMtoCrawl\/UrlDispatcherLLL|^Mozilla$|Mozilla.*Indy|Mozilla.*NEWT|Mozilla*MSIECrawler|MS\ FrontPage*|MSFrontPage|MSIECrawler|MSProxy|multithreaddb|nationaldirectory|Navroad|NearSite|NetAnts|NetCarta|NetMechanic|netprospector|NetResearchServer|NetSpider|Net\ Vampire|NetZIP|NetZip\ Downloader|NetZippy|NEWT|NICErsPRO|Ninja|NPBot|Octopus|Offline\ Explorer|Offline\ Navigator|OpaL|Openfind|OpenTextSiteCrawler|OrangeBot|PageGrabber|Papa\ Foto|PackRat|pavuk|pcBrowser|PersonaPilot|Ping|PingALink|Pockey|Proxy|psbot|PSurf|puf|Pump|PushSite|QRVA|RealDownload|Reaper|Recorder|ReGet|replacer|RepoMonkey|Robozilla|Rover|RPT-HTTPClient|Rsync|Scooter|SearchExpress|searchhippo|searchterms\.it|Second\ Street\ Research|Seeker|Shai|Siphon|sitecheck||SiteSnagger|SlySearch|SmartDownload|snagger|Snake|SpaceBison|Spegla|SpiderBot|sproose|SqWorm|Stripper|Sucker|SuperBot|SuperHTTP|Surfbot|SurfWalker|Szukacz|tAkeOut|tarspider|Teleport\ Pro|Templeton|TrueRobot|TV33_Mercator|UIowaCrawler|UtilMind|URLSpiderPro|URL_Spider_Pro|Vacuum|vagabondo|vayala|visibilitygap|VoidEYE|vspider|Web\ Downloader|w3mir|Web\ Data\ Extractor|Web\ Image\ Collector|Web\ Sucker|Wweb|WebAuto|WebBandit|web\.by\.[email protected]|webdevil|webdownloader|Webdup|WebEMailExtrac|WebFetch|WebGo\ IS|WebHook|Webinator|WebLeacher|WEBMASTERS|WebMiner|WebMirror|webmole|WebReaper|WebSauger|Website|Website\ eXtractor|Website\ Quester|WebSnake|Webster|WebStripper|websucker|webvac|webwalk|webweasel|WebWhacker|WebZIP|Wget|Whacker|whizbang|WhosTalking|Widow|WISEbot|WWWOFFLE|x-Tractor|^Xaldon\ WebSpider|WUMPUS|Xenu|XGET|Zeus.*Webster|Zeus [NC]
    RewriteRule ^.* - [F,L]
    I also have sections for:
    short example
    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
     RewriteRule ^(.*)$ - [F,L]
    short example
    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
     RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^.*(\[|\]|\(|\)|<|>|'|"|;|\?|\*).* [NC,OR]
     RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^.*(%22|%27|%3C|%3E|%5C|%7B|%7C).* [NC,OR]
     RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^.*(%0|%A|%B|%C|%D|%E|%F|127\.0).* [NC,OR]
     RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^.*(globals|encode|localhost).* [NC,OR]
     RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^.*(request|union|declare|drop).* [NC]
     RewriteRule ^(.*)$ - [F,L]
    short example
    <IfModule mod_alias.c>
     RedirectMatch 403 \,
     RedirectMatch 403 \:
     RedirectMatch 403 \;
     RedirectMatch 403 \=
     RedirectMatch 403 \@
     RedirectMatch 403 \[
     RedirectMatch 403 \]
     RedirectMatch 403 \^
     RedirectMatch 403 \`
     RedirectMatch 403 \{
     RedirectMatch 403 \}
     RedirectMatch 403 \~
     RedirectMatch 403 \"
     RedirectMatch 403 \$
     RedirectMatch 403 \<
     RedirectMatch 403 \>
     RedirectMatch 403 \|
     RedirectMatch 403 \.\.
     RedirectMatch 403 \/\/
     RedirectMatch 403 \%0
     RedirectMatch 403 \%A
     RedirectMatch 403 \%B
    #block proxy servers from site access
    short example
    <Limit GET POST PUT>
     Order Allow,Deny
     Allow from all
    # VIET NAM - HGC (customer route)
    Deny from
    Then I have some php code to allow adding and deleting ip addresses from the .htaccess file
  6. deadlegion

    deadlegion Guest

    There are many usernames that could possibly be prohibited, as i'm sure you know wolfens.
    Many sites prevent certain handles from being used (eg: offensive or racist handles).

    Proxy blocking is important though.......even if problem ppl are IP blocked they can still use a proxy, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to setup proxies, software can do it for any noob :/

    Good to see some feedback, and i'll be keeping an eye out for more here hopefully :D
  7. Esconi_hann

    Esconi_hann New Member

    Oct 10, 2012
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    :no: No rowson I told you before Scottish :rofl: other end of the island.
  8. deadlegion

    deadlegion Guest

    The English are wolfens blood enemy lol
  9. deadlegion

    deadlegion Guest

    I think sending any threads that break the rules to the mod garbage is much more of a deterrent for members.
    Sending most threads to the recycle bin just means their shares (which have violated the rules in one way or another) can still be accessed by either using the search function for the whole board, or just using the search function inside the recycle bin itself.

    The whole idea of the recycle bin should only be about threads that comply with all rules, but have dead links imho.
    It should be a place members can view what shares (of their own or other members) may need to be re-xxxxxxxx.

    I sometimes even find threads in the recycle bin that have live links, and other threads which have suspicious content, and I've even found some advertising in there before.If i find these things i send them to the mod garbage........some members are really silly and actually download stuff from the recycle bin :/
  10. deadlegion

    deadlegion Guest

    fotoguy please do not "unstick" this thread needs to be kept from being buried because it's an important issue.
  11. deadlegion

    deadlegion Guest

    *I request that staff be allowed to have more than 50 PM's stored........a limit of 200 would be more appropriate for us.
    It's good to be able to keep a decent list of PM's archived for reference.

    *I also request that the console games subsection be made private (for members only).
  12. LynnePBaker

    LynnePBaker New Member

    Sep 24, 2014
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    What exactly comes with Vip status anyway..just faster board speed and no ads?

    I agree with Death we should have a VIP,Private or Elite section.
  13. itisjust4fun

    itisjust4fun Guest

    Yup....... just ads removed which in turn gives you a little faster load speed
  14. deadlegion

    deadlegion Guest

    LMAO........but anybody can remove the ads, there's no need for them to be VIP to do that :D
  15. itisjust4fun

    itisjust4fun Guest

    Easy Pick'ins

  16. deadlegion

    deadlegion Guest

    There are many ppl that spend much time searching sites for console games shares to report to filehosts........the only way to reduce the amount of links being killed is to prevent the general public (unregistered users) from seeing console games shares.

    I suppose an alternative would be to hide dl links in the console games section until a member posted a reply........but i suspect its probably easier just to make that sub-section for members only via the ACP.
  17. deadlegion

    deadlegion Guest

    I know admin decided to allow live links to be sent to the recycle bin, that is there right to decide such things.
    Members are sometimes now just posting directly in the recycle bin itself.......and usually with live links.
    Search engines see live links easily, and they "light up" a site (RE: they point to the site for a share).

    It would be a good idea to make the recycle bin "private" for registered members only if live links are to still allowed in there.......the whole board is open to scrutiny by all search engines, which is not a good thing at all.

    Please, admins do something soon to make this board more secure for members and to help links last a little longer.
    I am asked in shoutbox and via PM about many things by members > virus/trojan threat alerts, why there are dead links everywhere, why members are being spammed via PM......the list goes on.
    We mods cannot do anything to help members with these issues, and it just causes increased stress for both us and members.

    Please do something soon.
  18. okay i know im the "new guy" but this site is awesome imho < gotta stop using that lol it's becoming a habit :s now then there are sites out there that block everything to "Guests" now i disagree with this but deadlegion has it right when he says some parts should be private. ive been on sites where the links won't appear untill you say thanks < now thats pushing it lol but seriously geusts should only get as far as the main forum and when they click on another forum eg 2010 movies they should be greeted with Hi there we are terribly sorry but only registered members may enter thanks and have a nice day the DT team " well maybe not dt team lol and yes there should absoulutley be a VIP section i mean these guys donate and they get no ads a ff addon can do that without donating c'mon admins give sumthin back .
  19. Ladybbird

    Ladybbird Guest

    I am in total agreement with this, why should guests have the privilege of having access to all the great things this site offers when they don't even pay us the compliment of registering. I also think we should have a section for the really great stuff like New Release Movies and Important Applications as with Windows 7, (coming soon W8) for VIP access only, that would mean those that contribute would have access only, This would help encourage more donations. Only the regular uploaders that we trust, like the _rich_one would have access to post their threads.

    The best way would be on a subscription basis, not donations, as this would bring in a steady income to help with the costs. I can help with preparing the thread if Hope decides to go this route. There are some downfalls subscribers must be made aware of. If the subscriber uses a different email to what he has on the site as to what he has on PayPal, this will cause a delay in his status/colour change and it will have to be done manually.

    The other thing I disagree with, which damages this site and loses us members, is allowing uploaders to post their links within the links. This should be disallowed within the site rules. This is after all, a form of spamming. I know for a fact that some have been poaching our members either this route or by pms.

    NB. No live links should ever be allowed and only staff should have access to the recycle bin. On no site that I know or staff on allows this. You are inviting trouble allowing this.

    One other thing, if I may suggest this, no member of staff should ever interfere, change etc. another staff members posts/threads without consulting with the original staff member first. This to me is an insult and will cause bad feelings and we all have to work together as a team. The job is tough enough and we do not get paid for it and we need each other's help and support sometimes.

    Believe me I have been doing this job for years and that is the only way it will work to make us all happy and create a good atmosphere.

    I hope you take this advice in the sincere manner in which it is intended. I also want to say it is nice to join your team and I look forward to working with you all. I have known some of you for a while and you are great guys.

    Great thread Dead, very useful.

    Bu toplam sözleþme am içinde, neden misafirler bu site zaman bile bizi kaydetme iltifat ödemezler sunuyor tüm harika þeyler eriþmek zorunda ayrýcalýðýna sahip olmalýdýr. Ben de biz Windows 7 ile ilgili olarak Yeni Sürüm Filmler ve Önemli Uygulamalarý gibi gerçekten büyük malzeme için bir bölüm olmalý, (yakýnda W8) VIP eriþim için sadece, sadece, Bu teþvik yardýmcý olacaðýný eriþim olurdu olanlar katkýda bulunmak anlamýna geldiðini düþünüyorum daha baðýþlar. _rich_one gibi güvendiðimiz Sadece düzenli uploaders, eriþim kendi Mesaj yazma gerekecekti.

    Bu düzenli bir gelir masraflarýna yardýmcý olmak için getireceði gibi en iyi yolu, bir abonelik temelinde olacaðýný deðil, baðýþlar. Umarým bu rota gitmeye karar verir eðer iplik hazýrlarken yardýmcý olabilir. Bazý downfalls aboneler haberdar olmasý gerekir. abone farklý bir e-posta kullanýyorsa ne o sitede ne o PayPal üzerinde varsa, bu kiþinin durumu bir gecikme / renk deðiþikliðine neden olacaðýndan ve elle yapýlmasý gerekir.

    I, hangi zararlar bu site katýlmýyorum baþka þey ve bizi kaybeder üyeleri, uploaders baðlantýlarý içindeki link saðlayan. Bu söz, site kurallarý içerisinde izin vermemesi gerekir. Bu, tüm sonra, spam biçimi. Ben bir gerçektir ki bazý ya bu yolu ya da PMS tarafýndan üyelerimize kaçak avcýlýk edilmiþtir biliyorum

    NB. Hiçbir canlý baðlantýlar hep ve sadece personel geri dönüþüm kutusuna eriþimi olmasý gereken izin verilmelidir. Biliyorum veya personel bu olanak yok sitede. Sorun bu izin davet ediyoruz.

    Bir þey daha, eðer ben, personelin hiçbir üye bu önerebilir hiç müdahale gerektiði vb orijinal personel ile danýþmadan / konularý baþka personeli Mesajlarý deðiþtirmek ilk. Bu benim için bir hakaret ve kötü duygular neden olur ve biz hep birlikte bir takým olarak çalýþmak zorunda. Iþ sert yeterli ve bunun için para ödenmez ve bazen birbirlerinin yardým ve desteðe ihtiyaç duyarlar.

    Ýnan bana ben yýllardýr bu iþi yapýyor ve bu bizi mutlu etmek için ve iyi bir atmosfer yaratmak çalýþacak tek yoludur.

    Senin içinde hangi o amaçlanmaktadýr samimi bir þekilde bu tavsiye almak umuyoruz. Ben de sizin ekibine katýlmak güzel ve sabýrsýzlýkla bekliyorum tüm çalýþma ile söylemek istiyorum. Bir süre biraz sizin bilinen ve harika çocuklar.

    Büyük iplik Dead, çok yararlý.
  20. youngrichard717

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    Feb 29, 2012
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    ok i will think ..
    and i will talk this with xanax ..

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