Bones (2001)

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    The time is 1979. Jimmy Bones (Snoop Dog) is respected and loved as the neighborhood protector. When he is betrayed and brutally murdered by a corrupt cop (Michael T. Weiss), Bones' elegant brownstone becomes his tomb, Twenty-two years later, the neighborhood has become a ghetto, and his home has turned into a gothic ruin. Four teens renovate it as an after hours nightclub, unkowingly releasing Jimmy's tortured spirit. Its thrills and chills when blood spills when Jimmy's ghost sets about its frighful revenge, his killers unaware of the gruesome fate that awaits them. With each new victim, the terror mounts, and Bones' vengeance spins out of control, threatening everyone in his path, including his former lover, Pearl (Pam Grier). Get ready for Bones!!!

    User Rating: 3.9/10 (2,337 votes)

    Cast (Cast overview, first billed only)
    Snoop Dogg ... Jimmy Bones
    Pam Grier ... Pearl
    Michael T. Weiss ... Det. Lupovich
    Clifton Powell ... Jeremiah Peet
    Ricky Harris ... Eddie Mack
    Bianca Lawson ... Cynthia

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