Boudu sauvé des eaux (1932)

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    IMDB Rating: 7.7/10

    Director: Jean Renoir

    Michel Simon... Priape Boudu
    Marcelle Hainia... Emma Lestingois
    Sévérine Lerczinska... Chloë Anne Marie, la bonne
    Jean Gehret... Vigour
    Max Dalban... Godin
    Jean Dasté... L'étudiant
    Charles Granval... Édouard Lestingois

    Boudu, the tramp of the title is rescued from the Seine and taken home by well-meaning book dealer; he eventually takes over household, then seduces both the wife and maid who are initially far from delighted by the lazy and unwashed Boudu's salaciousness. Classic attack on complacency still holds up, with ratty-bearded Simon giving the performance of a lifetime. Remade many years later in Hollywood as Down And Out In Beverly Hills.

    Despite the problems of sound recording in 1931, Jean Renoir went out of the studio and shot this film on the streets and along the banks of the Seine, and so it is not only a lovely fable about a bourgeois attempt to reform an early hippie (Michel Simon is the shaggy-bearded tramp who spills wine on the table and wipes his shoes on the bedspread) but a photographic record of an earlier France. A beautifully rhythmed film that makes one nostalgic for the period when it was made.

    File size: 743Mb | Dimensions: 544 x 400
    Video: 1147kbps XviD | Audio: 128kb/s mp3
    Language: French (English .idx subs included)
    Black & white | Running time: 81 minutes


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