Boxer from Shantung & Ma Yong Zhen (1972)

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    Rating: 7.5/0
    Runtime: 124
    Language: Mandarin (soft English subs included)
    Country: Hong Kong
    Color: Color
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Cheh Chang & Hsueh Li Pao
    Kuan Tai Chen
    Ching Wang
    David Chiang

    Description: The Boxer From Shan Tung (1972) is a rags to riches story about a country bumpkin who aspires to become the greatest gangster of his era. Ma Yong Zhen makes a name for himself from the ground up by getting the poor and the down trodden to become a part of his "empire". But like all fast rising gangsters they have to fall sometime. The battle in the Tea House has to be the single greatest piece of action film-making I have ever seen. The usual Shaw Brothers players can be found in this two hour plus epic of bloodletting proportions. Kuan Tai Chen stars as Ma Yong Zhen. As usual he makes a great lead actor. He always sports a smile and never let his personal situations bring him down. Kuan also makes a credible butt kicking fighter. David Chiang has an extended cameo as Tan Si, a fellow gangster who becomes a mentor/friend to Ma. Feng Ku co-stars as one of the 4 Champions of Shan Tung, Wang Chung and Hark-On Fung have small roles as Tan Si's henchmen. Ching Li co-stars as the Tea House singer who falls for the mack-daddy charm of Ma Yong Zhen.

    Check out the remastered print from Celestial Films. Not only is the film restored to it's original running time but the picture is in pristine condition and the English subs are excellent. Get ready for some action packed, bone crunching excitement!! Another winner from Chang Cheh and the Shaw Brothers!

    Highest recommendation possible.

    - by Joseph P. Ulibas

    Download Links:
    Rar Password: theskywalkisgone
    .avi / 124 mins (full uncut)/ 1,36 GB / 25 fps
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    thanks for the movie...

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