NitroFlare Bricsys BricsCAD Platinum.v16.1.03.2 MACOSX-AMPED

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    Bricsys BricsCAD Platinum v16.1.03.2 MACOSX-AMPED | 193.9 MB

    A powerful CAD platform, with features familiar to you from native .dwg applications. BricsCAD unifies advanced 2D design with the intelligence of 3D direct modeling. For Windows, Linux, and Mac

    BricsCAD offers powerful tools for direct solid modeling using our
    geometric constraints solver. Direct modeling operations apply to all
    ACIS solid geometry, whether created in BricsCAD or imported
    Furthermore, a key feature of the BricsCAD direct editing capabilities is
    the preservation of design intent, vastly simplifying the work on complex

    Assembly modeling allows you to organize .dwg files in hierarchical
    structures of mechanical components to model complex products. Assemble
    your products with both top-down and bottom-up design and compose your
    assembly with ease with the powerful 3D constraints between faces and
    edges of different mechanical components

    BricsCAD offers powerful tools for direct solid modeling using geometric
    constraints solving. Solid models can be modified by defining constraints
    between its elements. If there is a 3D constraint which fixes the
    placement of faces or edges, this constraint will be preserved during
    your modeling operations. It allows you to parametrize any feature of the
    3D model

    The new sheet metal design capabilities in BricsCAD create sheet metal
    parts by extruding 2D profiles and then adding new flanges through pulled
    edges. Bends, junctions and reliefs are added automatically. All direct
    modeling operations and 3D constraints can be applied to editing sheet
    metal parts. To output designs to computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
    systems, sheet metal parts can be unfolded automatically and then
    exported to 2D .dxf files

    Since the introduction of direct modeling functions in BricsCAD V12, the
    function most requested by users was the ability to generate associative
    2D and 3D drawing views from 3D models. With BricsCAD V14, Bricsys
    introduces new commands to automatically generate orthographic
    isometric, and section views. The views are updated automatically when
    the 3D model changes


    o1 - Unpack the release into a directory of your choice
    o2 - Run the installer and install it
    o3 - Seee included amped.txt
    o4 - Have a go with this unlimited trial, but buy it if you will use it
    o5 - As always, make sure to have a firewall to block outbound connections



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