NitroFlare BS Super Changer. + Retention Rate Solution 3.0

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    BS Super Changer + Retention Rate Solution 3.0 | 268 MB

    BS Super Changer - Software change parameters of BlueStacks: (works well on all the current Bluestacks versions - 0.7.x | 0.8.x | 0.9.x)

    Reation Rate Solution - Increase user retention ratio.
    - GUID - Change Imei, Device ID, MAC address, serial number Sim, Sub id
    + IMEI standardized international format.
    - Android ID
    - Google Advertising ID
    - Android device & version (all device being tested Generic, no incompatibility errors on BlueStacks 0.7.x)
    Optional equipment firms in position device - Setting tab
    - Android serial number - intelligent serial (real)
    - Set the base on IP country location: (optional IP check), set two parameters sim country and country-based IP network location (Map 0.8.0.x does not support this parameter)
    Carrier Name Change (home network) based on IP Location
    Change Timezone based IP Location

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