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    Build The Ultimate Professional Website with WordPress (2015) | 940 MB
    Genre: E-Learning

    This course is designed to teach anyone how to build custom, responsive, professional and uniquely designed websites with the simplest yet most professional and common software, WordPress. In this course, I will walk you through the process of creating the most amazing and professional looking and functioning website you will ever come across from beginning to end. This course is action-oriented; meaning you will be building your website along side with me and step by step. You will learn how to build your website within just a day or less! A website that you will always be proud of, and one that you will have created all by yourself.

    Here are some of the things you will learn in this course:

    Get your own domain name and web hosting account.
    Learn how to install and configure WordPress on your domain name.
    Learn what themes and plugins are and how to use them.
    Get an amazing $49 theme for FREE and install it on your domain name.
    Build your website from A-Z all by yourself.
    Make your own logo, for FREE.
    Learn how to Optimize your website's performance and security.
    Publish your Website with better search engine optimization (SEO).

    Starting from the most general aspects, and all the way to the smallest details, all were painstakingly gathered, tested and offered to you on a golden platter in this course . I'll even teach you how to optimize your website in terms of security, performance and search engine optimization. Eventually, you will get a website that not only looks amazing and professional, but also has great performance, tight security, and that is optimized to rank better on search engines like Google.
    This course is definitely for you if:

    You're interested in starting a new profitable career in web design and making up to $5000 for each website you create,
    You have a business and you're looking to increase your productivity and make more money by having a $5000-website,
    You have an idea that you want to spread to the world online,
    You need a personal website for yourself,
    You heard about WordPress Content Management System (CMS) and want to master it,
    Or you don't even know what WordPress is.

    Go ahead and get started! Click "Take This Course" button and join the winners the on the other side.

    What are the requirements?

    No Coding Required!
    Basic Computer Skills
    Computer & Internet Connection
    No Prior Experience in web design/development required.

    What am I going to get from this course?

    Over 37 lectures and 4 hours of content!
    Build your own custom and top-notch personal and/or business website and save up to $5000 per website.
    Build and sell custom and professional websites for other businesses and individuals and make up to $5000 per website
    Build the ultimate professional and responsive website you will ever come across from A-Z all by yourself
    Over 37 lectures and 5 hours of content
    FREE premium theme!
    Build your own Logo and Favicon, for FREE!
    Complete professional and responsive website that is customized for mobile, tablet and PC view.
    Certificate of completion
    100% money back guarantee.
    Lifetime support
    Lifetime access to the course

    What is the target audience?

    Business Owners
    Web Designers Looking to Expand Their Experience
    Any Passionate Artist or Designer
    Those Interested in Building Their Own Website(s) And Saving Up to $5000 Per Website
    Those Interested in Starting a Profitable Career And building $5000-Websites for Clients

    Section 1: Introduction
    Lecture 1 Before We Start 6 slides
    Lecture 2 About Me, WordPress and The Course Preview 04:06
    Lecture 3 What We are Going to Build 10:33
    Section 2: Domain Name & Web Hosting
    Lecture 4 What is Domain Name& Web Hosting 10:41
    Lecture 5 Signing Up for Domain Name and Web Hosting 07:29
    Section 3: Installing & Configuring WordPress
    Lecture 6 Installing WordPress 02:14
    Lecture 7 Logging in to WordPress & Editing Profile 04:53
    Lecture 8 Setting up Email Forwarding 01:31
    Section 4: Theme, Plugins and Logo
    Lecture 9 What are themes and Plugins? 9 slides
    Lecture 10 Installing Theme and Plugins 04:21
    Lecture 11 Making The Logo 05:30
    Lecture 12 Theme Settings and General Layout 07:31
    Section 5: Creating & Building The Home Page
    Lecture 13 Creating The Home Page 08:47
    Lecture 14 Building Services Section: Part 1 05:49
    Lecture 15 Building Services Section: Part 2 11:22
    Lecture 16 Building Services Section: Part 3 04:43
    Lecture 17 Building Call to Action Section 07:44
    Lecture 18 Building Skills Section 06:31
    Lecture 19 Building Customers Section 10:42
    Lecture 20 Building Team Section: Part 1 06:26
    Lecture 21 Building Team Section: Part 2 03:32
    Lecture 22 Building Testimonials Section 10:24
    Lecture 23 Adding Social Media Icons 07:39
    Section 6: Creating & Building The Gallery Page
    Lecture 24 Creating The Gallery Page 04:31
    Lecture 25 Building The Gallery Page: Part 1 06:30
    Lecture 26 Building The Gallery Page: Part 2 06:13
    Section 7: Creating & Building The Blog Page
    Lecture 27 Creating The Blog Page & First Post 07:33
    Lecture 28 Creating The Second Post 03:57
    Lecture 29 Editing The Sidebar: Part 1 04:57
    Lecture 30 Editing The Sidebar: Part 2 06:05
    Section 8: Creating & Building The Contact Page
    Lecture 31 Creating The Contact Page 02:59
    Lecture 32 Adding The Image and Texts 07:27
    Lecture 33 Adding The Map 06:49
    Lecture 34 Adding The Contact Form 02:10
    Section 9: Optimizing The Website
    Lecture 35 Optimizing Security & Performance 10:31
    Lecture 36 Optimizing The Website: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 12:10
    Section 10: Last Words
    Lecture 37 Last Words 02:41



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