NitroFlare CADlink Tech SignLab 9.1.1 Build.7583

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    CADlink Tech SignLab 9.1.1 Build 7583 | 933.5 MB

    Without a doubt, CADlink's best release ever. SignLab Version 9.1 is the culmination of 3 years engineering work and carefully considered feedback from hundreds of dealers and thousands of customers worldwide. Version 9.1 is not just a collection of new features, it is an enhanced way of doing things for Signmakers.

    New application plug-ins from often-used design applications, such as Corel, Illustrator and PhotoShop ensure quick, easy and error-proof ways that Signmakers can work with files and applications of all types during the design stage. A similar type interface with Visual Production Manager offers a seamless and centrally controlled production hub for all print, cut, print and cut jobs not only from SignLab but also these popular design applications. It's all about combining the strengths of all your design applications and enhancing them within SignLab.

    New SignLab Version 9.1 Feature Highlights.
    True value to our existing upgrading customers and unmatched sign software features to new customers. What can we possibly add to a software product that is now at Version 9.1? SignLab 9.1 provides streamlined workflows that Signmakers specified, and new processing speeds that are faster than anything the market has seen to date. Extremely large bitmap files are not only processed faster during the design application but also during the entire RIP process for either print or print and cut output.

    What's New in SignLab 9.1:
    - SignLab More Special Effects
    - Even More Special Effect Tools
    - Faster with the Latest Windows Support
    - Custom Sign Blank Creation
    - New Menu Board Design
    - Transparency Support
    - Transparency Special Effects/Contour Cutting
    - Unmatched Native .PDF Workflow Support
    - Design Application Plug In's to SignLab
    - Design Application Plug In's to Visual Production Manager

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