Call of Duty I,II,IV Collection

Discussion in 'Archive' started by rbindal, Jul 16, 2008.

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    May 10, 2012
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  2. darkrider

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    Nice post!! Thanks
  3. aasnj5882i

    aasnj5882i Guest

    nice love it:m13:
  4. knocik

    knocik Guest

    Call of Duty is the Best ! Thanks.
  5. dajjal

    dajjal Guest

    Thanks for sharing
  6. libeluldulac

    libeluldulac Guest

    doesn't work it says that ""file rzr-cod4.iso.r00 is missing"" the first one is rzr-cod4.iso.r01.what's the deal with that,i can extract the ISO fil.
  7. libeluldulac

    libeluldulac Guest

    i am talking about COD 4
  8. Where is Call of Duty 3?
  9. chalisload

    chalisload Guest

    Thank u very much i think i am gonna love this
  10. chalisload

    chalisload Guest

    I am having a problem extracting cod 4.00. i down loaded it all but having problems please help me
  11. sermax3

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    Muchas gracias mis hijos felices jaja

    Saludos Felices fiestas
  12. aceofthesky

    aceofthesky Guest

    cheers for that tried to get this from a few places but links where dead but this seams to be working many thanks
  13. sumeru

    sumeru Guest

    what is the key codes for COD2?
  14. sumeru

    sumeru Guest

    Please someone help me wýth the keys for cod 2.
  15. coiomoi89

    coiomoi89 Guest

    thanks :heyo::heyo:
  16. andreSuse

    andreSuse Guest

    Hi, which is the pass for cod 4?? and...........
  17. termy

    termy Guest

    cod 4 wont extract as it says its missing a file. It pisses me off when i download something this big andi find ive been scammed coz it dont work.
    Either tell us how to fix it or u should be banned for posting non working titles.
  18. andreSuse

    andreSuse Guest

    COD 4 doesn't work !!!!!!!! what happend????????
  19. andreSuse

    andreSuse Guest

    Pass of COD 4??
  20. andreSuse

    andreSuse Guest

    Nobody answers,..........................Did I lost my time downloading COD 4?

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