Candy Stripers (2006)

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    Injured in a basketball game, hospitalized, and in traction, Matt is horrified to witness the strange metamorphosis occurring right before his eyes. The hospital's candy stripers--sweet, young, and nubile all--are seducing men only to leave them encased in a horrible gel-like substance. When Matt realizes the women have been inhabited by aliens intent on breeding, he knows he has to escape--but how? This erotic horror film stars Playboy Playmates Deanna Brook and Serria Tawan.

    IMDB Rating: ***_______ 3.5/10 (120 votes)

    Scott Aaronson .... Coach
    Brian Lloyd .... Matt
    Sarah Ball .... Tammy
    Brianna Berman .... Voluptuous Nurse #2
    Deanna Brooks .... Janine
    Richard Burke .... Bo

    Rar Password is BBGirl

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