Carlton-Browne of the F.O. (1959)

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    IMDB Rating: 6.1/10

    Directors: Roy Boulting, Jeffrey Dell

    Terry-Thomas ... Cadogan de Vere Carlton-Browne
    Luciana Paluzzi ... Princess Ilyena (as Luciana Paoluzzi)
    Ian Bannen ... Young King Loris
    Thorley Walters ... Colonel Bellingham
    Raymond Huntley ... Foreign Secretary Tufton-Slade
    Miles Malleson ... Resident Advisor Davidson
    John Le Mesurier ... Grand Duke Alexis
    Marie Lohr ... Lady Carlton-Browne
    Kynaston Reeves ... Sir Arthur Carlton-Browne
    Ronald Adam ... Sir John Farthing
    John Van Eyssen ... Hewitt
    Nicholas Parsons ... Rodgers
    Irene Handl ... Mrs. Carter
    Harry Locke ... Commentator
    Basil Dignam ... Security Officer


    One of the funniest British comedies of the '50s.

    Gaillardia is an island that was formerly under British control. But someone forgot to tell the Government's representative there. Carlton-Browne (Terry-Thomas) of the Foreign Office is dispatched to the war-torn country.

    The reason this movie is considered average is because the comedy is understated. None of the cast play their roles for laughs and the story is treated seriously. However most of the scenes contain a comic element e.g. when one of the UN representatives declare that a line must be drawn through Gaillardia it's taken literally and a white line is painted across the land. Terry-Thomas is the idiotic Department Head who gets entangled with solving a diplomatic crisis between the East and West. Sellers in a small background role is the sleazy local who's corrupt. Bannen is the romantic future king who gets involved with a passenger on a plane. Irene Handl makes a strange appearance as a dim-witted housewife in a newsreel. Keep an eye out for Marianne Stone as a cinema-goer (she's in dozens of British comedies from this era - usually appearing in one scene only). Most of the humour in this movie comes at the end of scenes and could easily be overlooked. Watch this movie at the right time and it's an enjoyable and intelligent comedy.

    File size: 641Mb | Dimensions: 640 x 480
    Video: 900kbps DivX 4 | Audio: 128kb/s mp
    Running time: 88 minutes



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