Carnival in the Night (1982)

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    Runtime: 109
    Language: Japanese
    Country: Japan
    Color: Black and White | Color

    Description: Plot:
    A punk rocker leaves her son with her ex-husband and begins an unusual odyssey through Tokyo's underbelly. Each person she meets is stranger than the last, with each encounter more disturbing.

    "Is there really any movie that can "change your life" by seeing it? Well, I don't know. Maybe not. But there are certainly movies that are able to shift your interests in totally new directions. Carnival of the Night did exactly this for me."

    tubesoda's Comments:
    "If my opinion amounts to anything around here, let me take this opportunity to say that Carnival in the Night is mandatory viewing for anyone with even a passing interest in underground Japanese film. This is likely the best film from underappreciated director Masashi Yamamoto, who is probably best-known for Junk Food (1997). Yamamoto was part of the close-knit scene of late-70s/early-80s "punk" filmmaking in Japan, along with Yoshihiko Matsui, Sogo Ishii, and a few others. He was also a music producer for bands like the psychedelic-funk new-wave JAGATARA. Musicians from punk/new-wave bands along with the associated scenesters largely made up the cast of actors for Carnival in the Night, more or less playing themselves in a pseudo-documentary style similar to some Susumu Hani films, but with a more anarchic sensibility. The resulting film is nihilistic as ****, and more genuinely "punk rock" than anything even Sogo Ishii directed."

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    english subs hardcoded.
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