Cartoon Smart Actionscript Galore Package DVD-ViH

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    Cartoon Smart Actionscript Galore Package DVD-ViH | ISO | 1.85 GB

    Actionscript Galore Package includes...
    Product Display Techniques... This tutorial teaches how to create a Product Display Interface in Flash. The Actionscript in this lesson is used to click and drag an image, and setup a zoom and pan interface for hovering over a small product image, which will then effect a larger, more detailed product image. This technique can be used for more than just product images though. An ebbok, map, online coming, even .flv could be incorporated into the Flash interface. The Quicktime video for this Flash tutorial is over 2 hours long, and the lesson is compatible with Flash MX, Flash MX 2004, or Flash 8.

    Site Map Menu... Program a Flash Based Site Map menu. This is a dynamic menu, using variables to create the menu and submenu's in a Flash document. Fold open or unfold the menu to expand links to different sections of the site.

    XML based MP3 Player for Flash. This Flash tutorial teaches how to Load Data from an XML File, Parse Through It with Actionscript 2, then Create an MP3 Player. Here's how the final Flash file from this lesson works... The track titles, artist names, MP3 filenames, and album cover links are all listed in an XML file. This XML file acts as a playlist for the MP3 Player below. It could store data for just one track or for hundreds of tracks. After that data is loaded in and parsed through, the tutorial focuses on scripting all aspects of the player below (volume, track buttons, playing time, etc). This lesson will teach you TONS of Actionscript 2.0. The Quicktime video for this intensive Actionscript course is over 4 Hours.

    PHP and Flash to create an Email Form and Password Protected Portion of a Flash Site... The first part of this lesson focuses on the basics of creating Input Text Fields. As an example, I set up two fields, one for a username and the other for a password. The correct password allows access to a hidden portion of the Flash file. One possible use for this could be a Client-only part of your site for updates on a project. The second half of this lesson connects an inquiry form to a PHP file which will then email the data back to you. You will need your own webhost to test out this portion of the tutorial. Also covered, are methods to check the data being sent for valid addresses, and testing whether the PHP successfully sent the data. If not, an error message prompts the user to start over. The PHP file can be modified to include more or less fields than those above.

    Program Flash Polls... Learn how to Program an Animated Flash Poll Using a MySQL Database and PHP. 3 hour Video Tutorial. Cool Features... You can create new polls quickly! Open the Flash file, change a few variables and reupload. After the initial setup, you do NOT need to log into your MySQL admin each time you want to create a new poll. If a field doesn't exist in your table for a new poll entry, the PHP file creates one and starts traking results from there. The design is totally up to you. The look of the radio buttons, checkmarks, color, bars, text, etc. are completely your choice. Plus the animated bar results seen after voting, can be increased or decreased according to your needs (or excluded entirely). A PHP session can be used to keep people from voting twice during the same browser visit.


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