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    Rumor has it that legendary Alpha is planning the greatest comeback ever! He is the Godfather of fraud, yet no one has actually seen him. With the rumor of his return spreading, law enforcement assigns their best men to investigate the case.As part of the police strategy, actor-wanna-be, Gene, gets recruited by the department as an undercover agent to infiltrate one of the crime gangs. That was the easy part. Now the gang leader's own plans to lure Alpha involve making Gene a celebrity. With Gene's growing popularity, news anchor, J.C. Chang (Gene's long-time dream-girl), gets intrigued by his story - dedicating herself to the discovery of the real Gene.While dealing with the police, the crime gang, and his dream girl, Gene suddenly becomes the object of everyone's attention. In all this confusion, how can Gene pull it all together and escape almost certain catastrophe?

    Ripper Team: BiEN
    Recovery Records: Present [4%]
    Size: 728.1578 MB
    Files: 8 files
    Disc: 1
    RESOLUTION : 544x320
    RUNTIME : 02:00:34
    VIDEO BITRATE : 679 kb/s
    FRAME RATE : 23.976
    AUDIO BITRATE : 127 kb/s
    MOVIE GENRE : Action / Comedy
    LANGUAGE : Mandarin


    Eng. Sub

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