CBT Nuggets - Certified Ethical Hacker [repost]

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    CBT Nuggets Certified Ethical Hacker | 678 MB

    Genre: eLearning

    Having a basic understanding of information security and networking such as what's taught in the Security+ and Network+ series is recommended before viewing this training. More advanced security policy training such as SSCP or CISSP is strongly recommended before using this knowledge on the job.
    The Certified Ethical Hacker Series contains:
    - Series Intro (free video)
    - Hacker Terms
    - Hacker Procedures
    - Using VMWare
    - Using Linux
    - Passive Intelligence Gathering Part 1
    - Passive Intelligence Gathering Part 2
    - Social Engineering
    - Network Reconnaissance Part 1
    - Network Reconnaissance Part 2
    - Service Identification and Enumeration
    - Vulnerability Assessment: Nessus & GFI Languard
    - Vulnerability Assessment: Network Sniffing
    - SNMP
    - DNS
    - Password Cracking
    - Exploits Part 1: Linux
    - Exploits Part 2: Windows
    - Web and File Exploits
    - Wireless Security
    - Erasing Tracks



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