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    CFTurbo 10.0.7 | 104.1 Mb

    CFturbo Software & Engineering GmbH has released 10.0.7 version of CFTurbo its powerful conceptual Turbomachinery design system CFturbo is a modern, powerful software for interactive design of turbomachinery.

    The new version CFturbo 10.0 can be used to design axial, radial and mixed-flow pumps, blowers, compressors and turbines, as well as for diffusers, stators, return channels and volutes.

    Especially all new developed modules to create axial fans, axial turbines, axial pumps and inducers will allow a much wider range of applications for CFturbo then before.

    Direct interfaces to all major standard CAD- and CFD-systems have been extended. Due to its parametric geometry structure the set-up of automated CAE-workflows and optimization of Turbomachinery components will be easily possible in collaboration with various related commercial and open-source software packages.

    ChangeLog version 10.0.7:
    6111 Export to PumpLinx/Simerics MP sometimes fails
    6680 Diffuser sections calculation failed for an asymmetric volute
    6674 Axial turbines: diameter ratio of 100% makes no sense
    6648 Incorrect import profile data is not detected.
    6629 Mean lines may be degenerated for circular 2D blades
    6628 Axial impellers: ICEM-CFD export does not work
    6705 d1 value can change automatically for compressors
    6601 AutoGrid: NDEXERR Illegal Index
    6626 Erroneous computation of dCu/dR slope
    6644 Access violation when opening static pressure view in mean line dialog of stator
    6671 Wrong Bezier point limiters for trailing edge
    6659 Ruled surface main blades are influenced by splitter leading edge
    6509 Incorrect handling of mean lines in polyline mode
    6567 Segment may be self-intersecting for small beta angles
    5497 Blades may be too strongly extended during model finishing
    5402 Progression curves: relative positions for bezier control points are out of range
    4031 Improve robustness of cm-calculation (potential flow) for compressible fluids
    6709 Vaned stator: Error during segment creation
    2488 Fillet-Cutwater fails for asymmetric volute with relatively small inlet width
    6592 ANSYS ICEM CFD: blade cap material point outside the model for compressors
    6706 Leading edge marker for compressors always on default position
    6605 ANSYS BladeGen: wrong detection of asymmetric profiles
    6700 AutoGrid: Don't allow export of only unbladed components
    6699 Circular + Free-form 2D blades: a3 value is not valid

    About The Turbomachinery Design Company

    CFturbo Software & Engineering GmbH is an engineering company offering CAE services and software development focusing on fluid dynamics/turbomachinery.

    Our range of consultancy covers the whole turbomachinery development process - from consulting service, conceptual design and simulation up to construction, prototyping and measurement.

    Name: CFTurbo
    Interface: english, german
    OS: Windows Vista / 7even / 8
    Size: 104.1 mb



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