NitroFlare CG Cookie - Fundamentals of UI.Design

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    CG Cookie - Fundamentals of UI Design
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    In this course we'll take a look at building a simple menu system to teach you the fundamentals of how UI works within Unity. The User Interface, or UI for short is incredible important for relaying information to players. Creating a menu with text, images, and buttons will help us to understand how everything works and how we can make a simple interactive element for the start of a fictional game. Next we'll look at input fields and toggles then finish off with a scrollable map. Things you'll learn in this course include:

    Understanding UI aspect ratios:
    - UI Text
    - UI Images
    - Masks
    - Interactive Buttons
    - Scroll Rects
    - Using Events with C#

    While this course does specialize in using UI elements there will be some brief instruction on using C# functions to create interactive buttons that will load a scene once clicked. By the end of this course you should have a great understanding on how to use the most common UI elements.




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