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    Chris Soth, Hal Croasmun - Mini-Movie Method Screenplay in 30 Days

    One hour 45 minutes of preview sales call for the course Write a Screenplay in 30 Days Using the Mini-Movie Method taught by Chris Soth with Hal Croasmun. Audio recorded August 30, 2015.

    Chris Soth's graduation thesis was a screenplay delivered on Tuesday (graded A) and he sold it on Wednesday for $750,000. That's the movie Firestorm. He has continued screenwriting success since then and teaches how he does it.

    This telecall is worth listening to for Chris Soth. He explains the mini-movie structure, analyzes Straight Outta Compton through that lens and later performs a Logline Challenge to instantly create a pretty impressive story using mini-movie structure.
    Unfortunately the solid content from Soth is equally balanced by sales talk from Hal. I have listened to many of Hal's telecalls now and some are weighted 75/25 or 80/20 content to salespitch. This is about 50/50 content/pitch. :-( Still Soth's info is worth it.

    The call was recorded from speakerphone to laptop, i.e., not perfect fidelity but loud enough and quite listenable.
    The recording is here in 4 parts. For some reason my phone cuts off the calls after about a half hour and I had to dial then give the conference code again. Luckily the breaks came at points where the serious Soth content was not affected and nothing really missed.

    On part 3, Hal teases us with the upcoming Logline Challenge then goes into a very long pitch about the class How to Write a Screenplay with the Mini-Movie Method in 30 days. Some of it has information and some is just selling. It requires 1-1/2 to 2 hours a day for 30 days and you will end up with a completed screenplay. Every day you apply one step of the mini-movie method so it is simple and fast. You can write any kind of genre story you want and it will quickly and easily fit into the structure. Don't discount the structure as cookie-cutter because widely varying movies actually follow the mini-movie structure.
    The class keeps you moving along in small manageable steps to quickly and correctly create scripts. Speed writing is the professional's best tool for working a lot. Blah-blah-blah, Hal goes on for about 15 minutes talking about whatta great class, buy now, starts tomorrow.

    Producers actually see the structure of your screenplay and they look for it. It matters what page actions happen on for cinematic timing. On this call they are explaining the structure but in the class they will detail it in depth and give you daily steps to apply those tools into your creations. Knowing this method allows you to pickup a challenge if a producer says that's pretty good but how about something else and you can do it readily to get the work..
    Your structure will ensure that your character goes through the required transformations. This structure system will help you understand other forms of structure you may have learned. You'll have more confidence, you won't get stuck anymore. Chris will be teaching this class. They analyze 5 different films from 5 different genre. What if you finish a script in 30 days? That's huge. Producers will say can you do a script in 45 days? and you say easy. You can do a script in 30 days. Reminder that you probably have unfinished scripts taking months and years to finish so go for it. Sign up now.

    Finally Chris throws in his short short pitch that in the course you have the structure and steps to accomplish presented so easily that in 30 days you will have your best screenplay ever. Hal blabs a bit more and then finally Chris Soth demonstrates the creation of a story in 90 seconds. Hal says don't expect perfection in a minute and a half but then Chris does deliver an amazing complete story of a movie you'd like to see!

    One of Hal's students had given a Logline, Chris took 90 seconds to write a few notes. The process is to write numbers 1 through 8 on a page, each one is to be a mini-movie with scenes that have a turning point of some kind.

    Chris starts telling the story of the movie he just wrote (in less than 2 minutes). During the several minutes that it takes him to verbalize what he'd scribbled together, there is a 12 second break, but no worry, you catch the full story and it's a doozy full of twists and intrigues. Very impressive how he sketched out the entire story so quickly and it was viable and exciting.

    Hal has explained that his strength is in formulating systems. Go see what the experts are doing and discern the formula they follow, the structure of their system. Also he's long been a producer both of movies and of events and now ScreenwritingU. So Hal knows his stuff and does give excellent content when he does. The problem comes that he is the salesman, too, and sounds pushy. Presenting Chris Soth he clearly showed respect that Chris is the man and Hal is saying Chris is the man, buy his success structure here, because Hal's whole thrust seem to be increasing the number of writers that serve Hollywood. Writers that work a lot in the industry, which means pleasing producers. That means a good script that can be made into a movie, that fits into a budget, that can be modified on a moment's notice due to sudden filming needs. Flexible and fast writers who want to work more than hold firm to their personal artistes preferences.

    Chris points out that the faster you can come up with good ideas and write them out, the better. You will come up with thousands of ideas and write hundreds of scripts during your career. Get fast with your creativity. This mini-movie structure helps a lot.

    It's not a trick Chris says. He explained how to do it and then he demonstrated it. If you can turn your ideas into viable loglines and then easily create your stories using the structure, you'll be so happy to complete projects better and faster.


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