NitroFlare Chronos Greeting Card Shop 3.0.1 (Mac OS X)

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    Chronos Greeting Card Shop 3.0.1 (Mac OS X) | 323.63 MB
    The fastest, easiest way to create greeting cards and invitations! Greeting Card Shop helps you create cards for lifes special moments. Whether youre sending an invitation for a birthday, or sharing your sympathies, the software makes it easy to stay close to those who are important to you.

    NEW 3.0 FEATURE: One-click photo frames.
    With one click, you can now add a frame to any photo. Choose from 10+ different frame styles. Each style is customizable so you customize attributes like color, border tickness, etc.

    - Simple borders (square corners, round corners, circular)
    - Photo corners (black, white, silver, gold)
    - Tape (transparent & masking)
    - Staples
    - Corner cutouts
    - Scalloped edges
    - Polaroid (regular, antique, crinkled, tattered, faded, vintage)
    - Mat (adjustable bevel)
    - Burnt edges

    NEW 3.0 FEATURE: Maps integration.
    Add a beautiful map to your scrapbook page to help others see exactly where the event youre scrapbooking took place. This feature is especially useful for remembering out-of-the-way towns on road trips and international destinations that might be unfamiliar to others. Choose from standard, satellite, and hybrid maps. Plus, you can also include routes, points of interest, and marker pins.

    NEW 3.0 FEATURE: iTunes integration.
    Music is a big part of our lives and memories. The song you listened to on the way to the beach is inexorably tied to that day and the people you were with. Now you can capture that association by inserting song titles and album covert art from your iTunes playlists directly onto your scrapbook page.

    Whats New in Version 3.0.1:
    - Added 30+ ALL-NEW templates
    - Updated and reorganized previous templates. Photo placeholders in templates now use actual photos.

    System Requirements:
    - Requires Mac OS X 10.11 or later
    - El Capitan compatible

    Link Download:
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