NitroFlare Chuck and Andy's Inner Circle Coaching Program

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    Chuck and Andy's Inner Circle Coaching Program



    From The Desk of Andy Luong

    Hi, my name is Andy Luong Co-Founder Of Before I dive into what our coaching program and inner circle is all about and why joining it today is the smartest decision you'll ever make for your online business... With your permission, I would like to tell you first a quick story of how I went from over $70,000 in debt to where I am today, where I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. More importantly, the purpose of this story is to prove to you that if someone like me, who started off with zero experience, no technical knowledge, over $70,000 in debt and literally hit rock bottom again and again, can do it... YOU definitely can too.

    You see, after graduating from uni, I was working 6 days per week and was earning between $70-80,000 per year. Just like everyone around me, I wanted to invest in property as fast as possible and become wealthy the 'traditional way' through the 'buy and hold' method.

    But you know, I was absolutely miserable.

    I resented my job, because it took away all my time for family, my fiancé and friends. In fact, I had no time for myself.

    I desperately wanted a way out and that was when I looked around for another income stream and became obsessed with building my online business.

    However, working 6 days a week and trying to build an online business at the same time quickly became overwhelming for me and my boss gave me the ultimatum.

    " I Had Two Choices... Either I Focus On My Job Or I'd Be Fired"

    Now, most people would do what only makes sense and quit their dreams of building an online business in favour of a solid 9-5 job that guaranteed $70K-$80K per year - but not me, I quit my job without a second thought.

    I was so fed up with it and I just couldn't see myself slaving away at full capacity for the rest of my life. I knew deep down that I deserved a lot better and that I was different from the rest.

    Maybe you can relate.

    To cut the story short, within my first few months of working online, I blew all my savings, maxed out all my credit cards and was too ashamed to borrow more money from family and friends to continue my online business.

    As you can imagine, there was a lot of tension between me and my family. They said I was delusional, because even after many months of countless empty promises, I still had nothing to show for and I couldn't blame them.

    In fact, I grew very ashamed of myself, depressed and couldn't bear to look anyone in the eyes.

    "Those Were Truly The Darkest Moments Of My Life And I Hated Myself For It."

    That's why if you've been trying to build an online business and haven't yet achieved the results you desire or worse, if you've failed miserably just like I did and are just about to give it up altogether...

    I truly understand how you feel. I have been there and I've hit rock bottom so many times myself, but you know what? I was able to get out of that miserable hell and that's exactly why I am here inviting you to Join Chuck & Andy's Inner Circle Program.

    You see, I realised the hard way that there are only...

    " Three Crucial Elements You Need In Order To Be Successful Online."

    The first is obviously a top quality, up-to-date, comprehensive coaching program, so that you can build your knowledge and develop your skills. The purpose of joining a coaching program is to short cut your success by following "Already Proven Strategies".

    The second is you need a mentor. Someone who will motivate you, guide you in the right direction and basically a person you can always fall back on when you need help. Someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure you get the results you want as fast as possible.

    Thirdly, you need to be part of a supportive community and surround yourself with like minded entrepreneurs, who have the same goal, the same ambitions and the same mindset as you.

    Finding a community that shares tips & strategies and help each other get "Un-Stuck" is possibly the best thing you can do to increase your chances at success.

    "And The Cold Hard Truth Is If You're Missing Any Of These Elements... You're Literally Setting Yourself Up For Failure"

    This is why my business partner, Chuck, and I decided to create the most comprehensive, most newbie friendly and quite possibly the most actionable coaching program and inner circle mastermind group to help anyone wanting to build a successful online business, even if you currently have zero experience.

    Our vision is to achieve a 100% success rate for all our members and that's why we have been doing whatever it takes and will continue to give it our 100% to ensure you succeed.

    Now, without wasting your time, allow me to show you ...and show you exactly what you'll be getting as part of Chuck & Andy's Inner Circle and why joining it today is the smartest decision you'll ever make, if you are really serious about building a successful online business.

    Video 1 - Introduction to 6-Figure Blogging Shortcuts
    Video 2 - Groundwork To Building a Profitable Blog
    Video 3 - Turning Your Blog Into A List Building Machine
    Video 4 - Identifying Your Core Expertise
    Video 5 - Powering Up Your Main Posts
    Video 6 - Engineering Your Blog For Maximum
    Video 7 - How To Get Mass Visitors To Your Blog
    Video 8 - Advance SEO Strategies to Boost Your Rankings
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