NitroFlare Cisco Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Networking LiveLessons By Kevin Redmon

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    Cisco Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Networking by Kevin Redmon
    English | April 2014 | ISBN-13: 9780133835793 | mp4 | H264 1280x720 | AAC 1 ch | 4+ hrs | 3.32 GB
    eLearning | Skill Level: Intermediate​
    Cisco Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Networking LiveLessonsprovides more than 4 hours of core video training covering Enterprise Mobility Architecture, Enterprise Network and Mobility, and onboarding of Consumer Devicesensuring a differentiated, secure connection to the corporate network.

    Cisco Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Networking LiveLessonswill introduce the viewer to the Cisco BYOD Smart Solution, focusing on version 2.5 of the Cisco Validated Design (CVD). The topics explained in this series will focus on the Cisco Smart Solution, but may be ubiquitous across other BYOD implementations.

    Cisco Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Networking LiveLessonswill begin with an explanation of the business model that makes BYOD such an appealing movement for IT organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises. As the business case is established, the author will then discuss the complete end-to-end BYOD architecture, taking a deep dive within each major topic area. The video training will cover everything from wired switchport access, wireless LAN configuration using Lightweight Access Points, as well as Guest access. The author will sometimes enrich the discussion points beyond the CVD topics to provide a complete, well-rounded approach to the Cisco BYOD Smart Solution.

    What You Will Learn:
    - Overview of the Cisco BYOD Smart Solution
    - Basic ISE Configuration
    - Adding NAS to ISE
    - Wired Configuration
    - Wireless Configuration
    - Authentication Policy
    - Authorization Policy
    - Sponsor Portal Configuration
    - Guest Configuration
    - Lost/Stolen Devices
    - Mobile Device Managers (MDM)

    Who Should Take This Course
    Network Engineers, Desktop support, Security Analyst, Security Managers, Help desk technician, System Administrators, Network Operations, Consultants, System Engineer, IT Director and Managers. This video series will appeal to security professionals, desktop support professionals, and network professionals. A secondary audience would be Security Consultants, Cisco Systems Engineers, and Cisco Reseller Systems Engineers.

    Course Requirements
    Basic understanding of Networking. Specialization in Wireless and/or Security is also helpful.

    Table of Contents
    Lesson 1: Overview of the Cisco BYOD Smart Solution

    Lesson 1.1: Cisco Validated Design

    Lesson 1.2: Whitepapers

    Lesson 2: Basic ISE Configuration

    Lesson 2.1: ISE overview and licenses

    Lesson 2.2: Configuring identity sources

    Lesson 2.3: Configuring certificates

    Lesson 2.4: Configuring authentication building blocks

    Lesson 2.5: Configuring authorization building blocks

    Lesson 3: Adding NAS to ISE

    Lesson 3.1: NAS configuration

    Lesson 3.2: Device location

    Lesson 3.3: Device groups

    Lesson 3.4: Differentiated access

    Lesson 4: Wired Configuration

    Lesson 4.1: Configuring AAA

    Lesson 4.2: Discuss BYOD Use Cases

    Lesson 4.3: Configure Interface 802.1x

    Lesson 5: Wireless Configuration

    Lesson 5.1: Wireless Architecture

    Lesson 5.2: Configuring AAA

    Lesson 5.3: Basic WLC Configuration

    Lesson 5.4: Single vs. Dual SSID Models

    Lesson 5.5: Configure Provisioning SSID

    Lesson 5.6: Configure Employee SSID

    Lesson 5.7: Configure IT_Devices SSID

    Lesson 6: Authentication Policy

    Lesson 6.1: Wired vs. Wireless

    Lesson 6.2: RADIUS Attributes

    Lesson 7: Authorization Policy

    Lesson 7.1: Building BYOD Authorization Policy

    Lesson 8: Sponsor Portal Configuration

    Lesson 8.1: Set Policies

    Lesson 8.2: Create Users

    Lesson 9: Guest Configuration

    Lesson 9.1: Configure WLAN

    Lesson 9.2: Configure Mobility Anchor

    Lesson 9.3: Configure Guest Authorization Rules in ISE

    Lesson 10: Lost/Stolen Devices

    Lesson 10.1: EPS (Endpoint Protection Services)

    Lesson 10.2: My Devices Portal

    Lesson 10.3: Blacklist

    Lesson 10.4: Other Security Policy for Lost/Stolen Devices

    Lesson 11: Mobile Device Managers (MDM)

    Lesson 11.1: Capabilities Overview

    Lesson 11.2: Policy

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