Citizen Kane (1941)

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    CD 1:
    CD 2:

    Citizen Kane (1941)
    119:27 min | Xvid 688 x 480 | 997 kbps | 23.976 fps | 48000 Hz 192 kb/s AC3 | 1.00 GB + 3% recovery record
    English | Subtitles: French, Italian and Spanish .srt | Genre: Drama

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    CD2 does not play!!!!!!!!!
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    thats what i call great job..thanks
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    THANK YOU : Kartal21

    This is One Of The Best Films Ever Made . YES, It's in Black & White .The Script, The Direction, The Lighting..... What a Statement , Made For One Fantastic Movie & The World Seeing it At The Time Knew Exactly Who it Was About " William R. Hearst " . At the time " William Randolph Hearst " ( The Publishing Magnate ) was Creating His Own Castle in California. He Owned Just About Every Newspaper in America & Newspapers Back Then Were Like TV's Today in Popularity & William R. Hearst Owned Them All. The Movie Mirrors The Life Of " William R. Hearst " To a " T ". To Make Such a Bold Move Back Then Was Quite Unheard Of & For Such a Young Movie Maker..... I Believe That Orson Was in His 20's Back Then . After The Film Came Out in Order To Keep People From Seeing the Film , William R. Hearst Crucified Orson Welles & Tried To Wreck His Career . He Even Tried To Buy Every Print Of The Film & Burn Them But Orson Would Have None Of That & it Didn't Keep Him Down For Long As He Starred & Directed Many Other Great Movies After That . This Historical Context Makes The Movie Even More Vibrant . What a great share!!! THANK YOU AGAIN :heyo:

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