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    Click Funnels Bonus Package

    I'm using Click Funnels exclusively in my JJ Fast Publishing business for all of my funnels and web pages (honestly, I don't know what I ever did without it!). In this exclusive live training for new Click Funnel members, I'll walk you through the tricks, secrets, and short-cuts that I'm currently using - in order to get you off to the fastest start possible with this money-making software. You can get all of your questions answered by myself and my tech guy. I'll also show you how I "hacked" one of Russell's most successful funnels for a recent affiliate promotion of mine, that went on to earn me $21,750 in only 5 days time.

    Jay's Quick Start Click Funnels Templates

    Just click the links for each funnel to have it automatically added to your account, where you can customize it for your own use. We also had a special training for how to use each of these funnels

    Russell's Free + Shipping Book Offer
    This template can be customized with your own book, and includes pages that you can update that includes an at-cost front-end shipping sale, a bump for an audiobook to pay for any traffic you send to the page, and upsells for other products to provide an immediate profit for you (including a membership area in which to deliver them.) You can easily put your own products into place, or just delete any features you don't want to use.

    Jay's Most Profitable Funnel Ever
    This template can be used as-is, just plugin your own autoresponder and promote it using your nanacast affiliate link. A "READ ME" page is included at the end of the funnel with directions for how to direct your traffic through an affiliate link to the funnel (as well as how to signup as an affiliate if you still need to.)

    As we mentioned on the webinar, We will be holding a live training session dedicated to creating book funnels to get customers from Amazon onto your list and you are invited to join this training for free. You can attend live or else catch the replay here once we have held the training session.

    Click Funnels Masters Facebook Group

    Facebooktimeline_00 Click Funnels Masters Facebook Group
    In this Facebook group we can mastermind, share new funnel templates, and get questions answered about anything and everything Click Funnels. Membership in this group is application only so request to join the group after clicking on the button above.

    25 Instant Traffic Methods

    25 Traffic Methods
    Video Player
    1. Traffic Method 1: SEO
    2. Traffic Method 2: Facebook
    3. Traffic Method 3: Pinterest
    4. Traffic Method 4: Twitter
    5. Traffic Method 5: PPC Ads
    6. Traffic Method 6: Paid Banner Ads
    7. Traffic Method 7:
    8. Traffic Method 8: Blogging
    9. Traffic Method 9: RSS Submissions
    10. Traffic Method 10: Forum Marketing
    11. Traffic Method 11: Q and A Sites
    12. Traffic Method 12: Press Releases
    13. Traffic Method 13: Online Classifieds
    14. Traffic Method 14: Web Directories
    15. Traffic Method 15: Old School
    16. Traffic Method 16: Social Bookmarking
    17. Traffic Method 17: Article Submissions
    18. Traffic Method 18: Guest Blogging
    19. Traffic Method 19: Web 2.0 Sites
    20. Traffic Method 20: Solo Ads
    21. Traffic Method 21: Joint Ventures
    22. Traffic Method 22: Blog Commenting
    23. Traffic Method 23: Viral Reports
    24. Traffic Method 24: Video Marketing
    25. Traffic Method 25: Document Sharing Sites

    YouTube Traffic System

    YouTube Traffic System
    Video Player
    1. YouTube is the Golden Goose
    2. Finding Videos in Your Niche
    3. Piggybacking Method Explained
    4. Select Appropriate Videos
    5. Recording and Tracking Video Data
    6. How to Contact Video Creators
    7. Final Advice and Piggybacking FAQs

    2 Cent Facebook Ads

    1. Introduction to Facebook Ads
    2. Set Up Your Tracking System
    3. How to Get Started: Research
    4. Creating a Good Ads
    5. Pique Their Interest
    6. The Body
    7. Targeting
    8. Promoting: Link Cloaking
    9. Landing Page
    10. Tweak the Campaign
    11. The Facebook Ad Panel
    12. Add Email Marketing
    13. Create a Tab for Your Page
    14. Create an iFrame for Affiliate Offers
    15. What to do with the names
    16. Custom Audiences: Upload
    17. Add Your Existing Campaign
    18. Getting Your Campaign Started
    19. How to Find Custom Audiences
    20. Custom Audiences Overview
    21. Send People to Videos

    Amazon Sponsored Ads - Made Easy

    1. What are Amazon Sponsored Ads?
    2. Why use Amazon Sponsored Ads?
    3. Case Study: a successful Sponsored Ads campaign
    4. How to find keywords related to your Amazon product
    5. How to set up a new Sponsored Ads campaign

    How to Turn Your Kindle Buyers Into Email Subscribers

    Azon List Explosion Guide
    WP-EasyOptIn Plugin
    WP-Squeeze-Pro Plugin

    1. Introduction: The Amazon 'Triple Whammy'
    2. Why Amazon is a Marketer's Dream Come True
    3. How to Tap Into Any Online Niche via Kindle
    4. Turning a $.99 cent eBook Into a $99.00 Sale
    5. Case Study (My No. 1 Niche Revealed!)
    6. A Quick Overview of This System
    7. Researching Your "Kindle Lead Rocket"
    8. eBook Content Creation Strategies
    9. Formatting and Publishing Your eBook
    10. How to Create an Irresistible Free Offer
    11. Creating a Squeeze Page
    12. Setting up Your Aweber List
    13. Setting up Your Followup Messages
    14. Linking Out From Your eBook
    15. Squeeze Page Basics (Part 1) - Introduction to WP-SqueezePage
    16. Squeeze Page Basics (Part 1) - Installing WordPress
    17. Squeeze Page Basics (Part 1) - Installing and Setting Up WP-SqueezePage
    18. Squeeze Page Basics (Part 1) - Setting Up Squeeze Page List
    19. Squeeze Page Basics (Part 1) - Copying Autoresponder to Squeeze Page and Testing Page
    20. Squeeze Page Basics (Part 2) - Introduction to WP-Squeeze-Pro
    21. Squeeze Page Basics (Part 2) - Installing WordPress
    22. Squeeze Page Basics (Part 2) - Installing and Setting Up WP-Squeeze-Pro
    23. Squeeze Page Basics (Part 2) - Setting Up Squeeze Page List
    24. Squeeze Page Basics (Part 2) - Setting Up Squeeze Page with Autoresponder and Testing Page

    Complete Guide to the Aweber Autoresponder

    1. Introduction
    2. Signup
    3. Create a List
    4. Global Text Snippets
    5. Create a Webform
    6. Customizing a Webform
    7. Import Subscribers
    8. Templates
    9. Create Followup Messages
    10. Create Broadcast Messages
    11. Blog Broadcast
    12. Backup Lists
    13. Remove Inactive Subscribers
    14. Segmented Lists
    15. Copy Messages
    16. Campaign Sharing
    17. Webform Split Testing
    18. Broadcast Split Testing
    19. Statistics
    20. Search
    21. Add Video
    22. Automation Tool

    Traffic Recycling
    Traffic Recycling Video
    Traffic Recycling Transcript
    Traffic Recycling Mindmap
    Traffic RecyclingMindmap

    This is your opportunity to learn all about Traffic Recycling, which is the reuse and multiplication of traffic for the sake of getting even more traffic, more authority and more money.

    This is powerful stuff! Learn how to:

    Get picked up by trusted news sources
    Create happy "traffic blasting" affiliates
    Develop raving happy and loyal fans
    Generate more blog comments quickly
    Become a powerful joint venture partner
    But really, there's way more.

    You're going to really love this material.


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