Clients and Cash by Ashley Ambirge

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    Clients and Cash by Ashley Ambirge
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    Genre: e-learning's signature marketing program, Clients + Cash.This program focuses on building an online business around a blog.As far as I can tell, this course was first released in November, 2011.She recently relaunched a program called Products + Cash.If someone could upload that I'd definitely appreciate it.

    Here's some info from the sales page:


    Preferably sooner than later. As in please-inbox-let-there-be-an-inquiry-in-there-today! sooner.

    If this business of yours is going to work, you need clients to support it. You know that once you get the contract signed, they’ll love you forever and ever and ever (clearly you + your work are red hot) but it’s the getting there that’s the tough part.

    It’s the getting found. It’s the getting noticed. It’s the getting picked. It’s the getting that DEPOSIT, baby.


    And so you find yourself up against the plight of every creative small biz owner: You know your stuff. You just don’t know how to strut it.

    Ah, the fine (and freaking frustrating) art of marketing + sales.

    They forgot to mention that chasing your dreams comes with a big fat chas-er of WTF.

    Fortunately, this program is your anti-bull anti-dote.

    If you need more clients, and more cash…without having to get all car salesman about it (ick), you’re in the right place, baby. Welcome on board.


    This program is based on one premise: Looking for new clients is a waste of your time.

    The reason?

    Because you shouldn’t have to.

    Not if you’re workin’ it the right way.

    Because when you do?

    They come tap tap tappin’ on your digital door, dahling.

    Which means that not only do you score way more clients + cash, but you also earn the sweet, sweet luxury of being able to be selective with the types of projects you take on. And when you can afford to be picky, the result is that you enjoy your work far more (because, hey, you selected it), and in turn, you do far better work.

    And when you do good work, word spreads. And that’s one cycle you certainly want to be in.

    That’s what this program is ALL about: Teaching you how to make clients come knocking down your door, instead of the other way around.


    Clients + Cash is an advanced 8 module online program totaling 310 pages of instructional material and original, thought-provoking exercises, as well as 5 (actually 4 unless I missed one. The fifth video is a link to a Sir Mix-a-lot youtube video. There's also an extra set of the 8 PDFs specifically for Macs.) individual instructional videos clocking in at 2 hours in length (a $400 value alone).

    With a career background as a high-level marketing and sales executive, coupled with my former position as Director of PR for AWeber, these are the same principles that have launched me into my current 6 figure copywriting and consulting business, with a client roster including Demi + Ashton, Adrian Peterson for the Minnesota Vikings, an Australian TV producer, the star of the new Bravo reality TV show, The Headhuntress, the lead astrologer for Cosmo magazine, and several prominent tech start-up companies such as and Without having to ever pitch a single one of ‘em.

    If you need more clients and cash, we’ve got you covered.





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