Coke vs Pepsi - A Duel Between The Giants

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    Coke vs Pepsi - A Duel Between The Giants


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    The competitive struggle between these two brands has come to embody the very spirit of America and its influence on the rest of the world. This incredible and sometimes disturbing success story is at times cynical, often heroic, and always fascinating.

    Neither Coke nor Pepsi wished to officially participate in this documentary which chronicles their long standing combat. The two marketing and communication giants usually choose to remain discreet, unless it involves promoting their own product.

    Along with Mark Prendergrast, the unofficial ‘biographer’ of Coca- Cola, several industry players (former directors, ad execs, collectors etc) describe how the war between the two titans has echoed our economic history over the decades, sometimes even making history of its own, such as when Coke’s ambitions spilled into Communist Chinaor when Pepsi decided to use Soviet leader Krushchev as a publicity icon without his knowledge.

    Anecdotes and archives bring the Pepsi v Coke epic to life and reveal often controversial and underhanded strategies, such as the brands’ multi-milion campaigns to secure exclusive distribution deals in certain towns and schools.

    The war between the two rivals today has crossed into new territory, like the bottled water market, but still remains faithful to its original goal: appealing to young people the world over. Many have claimed that ‘Coke’ is the second best known word all around the world after OK.

    The leader, Coke, and its ever present challenger Pepsi are united in one all consuming objective:that whatever the world drinks, be it soft drinks , fruit juice or bottled juice - may it be a product from their respective factories....



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