College Of Our Lives (2003)

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    Also known as: Renai shashin

    Language: Japanese

    Subtitle: English (Soft-subbed)

    Release Date: 2003

    Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance



    Makoto Segawa is a pretty hopeless commercial photographer. Hating to compromise his artistry, his work is often rejected by the trite concerns of his commerce. One day he gets into a fight with an ad. exec. throws caution to the wind and decks the client with a punch.

    Out of work, his world is thrown into complete turmoil by the arrival of a letter from his ex-girlfriend, Shizuru, his first love from his student days...

    He begins his search. After being mugged he is taken in by a benevolent drug-dealer. With this guy's help he finds Shizuru's apartment and learns from a Japanese friend of hers that she has apparently left for a photo tour of Mexico. Her room is full of fabulous pictures of the people of New York and life on its bustling streets.

    However there are contradictions that he can't figure out. It seems that Shizuru's claim to be holding a private exhibition might be a fiction concocted to scam money from unsuspecting benefactors...himself included.

    [CD 1]
    [CD 2]
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