College Rules - Beer Pong Honnies

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    College Rules - Beer Pong Honnies
    Added: May 04, 2012

    Beer Pong is always a fun time, especially when done with ass and titties in the mix. This weeks submission winners gave us just that, They modified their game of pong and made it just that much more fun to watch and play. The object of the game was not to drink a beer when the ball made it into the cup but instead the losing team had to either flash some skin or suck a tit and or cock. And there was plenty of that going around to make these students winners. it was boys against girls and of course the ladies lost, which is great because all of the girls at this *** frat party were smoking fucking hott! not to mention the two chicks that teamed up on a freshman in one of the bedrooms. I hope you guys enjoy this one.

    Type: Movie Clip
    Content: Cumshot, Hardcore, Oral
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