ComboFix 26.03.2012 Portable

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    ComboFix 26.03.2012 Portable | 4.24 MB

    ComboFix - freeware to remove malware, adware, trojans from your computer. It removes SurfSideKick, QooLogic, Look2Me, different variants of the trojan Vundo, but other than that, and many other spyware, Trojans and fake antispyware programs. Combofix can remove the files, registry entries that were created by malicious programs. Such as trojans, worms, spayvare.

    This program has two modes: automatic and manual. In the first mode, you just need to start it, the program scans your computer and then remove the spayvare. In the second mode, the program need to pass a specially compiled file that specifies the specific actions such as deleting files, deleting directories, delete, services and drivers, and more. As a result of the program in the first and the second case it will generate a log file to which you can later analyze, computer is infected or not.



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