Communion (1989) Special Edition DVDRip

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    Runtime:- 101 mins (Widescreen)
    Language:- English
    Director:- Philippe Mora
    Writer:- Whitley Strieber (book), Whitley Strieber (screenplay)
    Actors:- Christopher Walken, Lindsay Crouse, Frances Sternhagen, Andreas Katsulas, Terri Hanauer, Joel Carlson, John Dennis Johnston, Dee Dee Rescher, Aileen Fitzpatrick, R.J. Miller, Holly Fields, Paula Shaw, Juliet Sorcey, Tifni Twitchell, Joshua Miller

    Plot:- Whitley Streibe is a struggling writer in upstate New York, with a nice wife and son, living a pretty normal slice of American life in a cabin in the woods. When friends come to stay for the weekend, something happens that confuses and upsets the visitors, as it does Whitley himself. Very bright lights can be seen through the windows, and Whitley seems sure he saw faces inside the house that could not be human. The guests are so upset they leave early, but Whitley by now has pretty much convinced himself that it was a dream and there is a perfectly good explanation for the lights. Dreams haunt him, however, and he feels his world and his grip on sanity challenged as he comes to believe that something really did happen both on that night and a later evening. Finally he seeks a psychiatrist, and under hypnosis he has a truly chilling tale to tell.




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