Confession Of Pain (2006)

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    Confession of Pain begins with a beautiful sequence of Hong Kong's night scene as viewers follow Tony Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro dashing through Hong Kong's urban areas. The omnipresent Victoria Harbor* dazzling under the film's wonderful cinematography* reminds the audience that Confession of Pain may also be a film about the city of Hong Kong. Just like our protagonists* Hong Kong people are struggling to come to terms with memories of their traumatic past. Does confession bring about reconciliation after all the sufferings?

    The film devoted more efforts into articulating a Hong Kong story rather than merely creating suspense* which is abundant in Hong Kong's recent wave of cop thrillers. The story starts in 2003 when inspector Bong (Takeshi Kaneshiro) discovers his girlfriend (Emme Wong) has committed suicide. He turns to alcohol for relief and resigns from his job to work as a private detective. Three years later* his old partner Hei (Tony Leung)* now a rising star in the police force* learns that his billionaire father-in-law has been ruthlessly murdered. Hei's wife Susan (Xu Jinglei)* refusing to believe in the police's version of her father's case* enlists Bong's support to uncover the truth...


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