Constantine (2005) BDRip 720p

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    Name: Constantine
    Original title: Constantine
    Released: 2005
    Genre: Comedy* Mystery* thriller* horror* fantasy
    Director: Francis Lawrence
    Starring: Kianu Reeves* Rachel Weiss* Shia LaBeuf* Dzhimon Honshu* Max Baker* Pryuitt Taylor Vince

    About the movie:
    John Constantine was able not only to visit hell* but come back. Born in itself objectionable talent - the ability to recognize hybrid angels and demons who roam the earth in the guise of people - Constantine* under pressure trying to commit suicide* just to get rid of painful visions. But fail. Voskreshenny against their own will* he again finds itself in the world live.

    Issued: USA
    Duration: 02:00:47
    Translation: Professional (complete overlap)

    Format: MKV
    Quality: BDRip
    Video: 1280x528* AVC-MPEG4* 23.976 fps* ~ 6192 Kbit / s
    Sound: Audio1: Russian AC3* 6ch 448 kbps
    Audio2: English DTS* 6ch 1536 kbps
    Size: 6.88 Gb

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  6. Very much appreciated :)
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    excellent! thanks for the great share, especially with dual english/russian sound tracks!
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