NitroFlare Corel iGrafx 2015 Build Multilingual

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    Corel iGrafx 2015 Build Multilingual | 103.15 MB
    iGrafx products enable different roles in the business to contribute to their companys quest for process excellence. iGrafx provides business, IT and process experts with tools to accomplish their tasks most effectively while providing a single platform for process improvement.

    iGrafxs industry leading tools in process modeling and analysis can be used either on their own or in collaborative environment to benefit from collective process knowledge. iGrafx enterprise modeling incorporates process architecture, business architecture and enterprise architecture into one enterprise-wide platform for process management and improvement, including ERP project management for organizations running SAP. To support continuous process improvement, iGrafx process performance management monitors and measures strategic processes.

    Regardless of size, industry or process maturity, iGrafx products enable organizations to take their process programs to the next level towards process excellence.

    Process Modeling & Analysis
    Capture, Analyze and Design your processes as a foundation for continuous improvement

    Collaborative Process Management
    Centralize Process Knowledge and improvement efforts for operational efficiency

    Enterprise Modeling
    Define and Analyze multidimensional views of process-driven organizational models

    Process Performance Management
    Monitor your process behavior and operational effectiveness

    Modeling for SAP
    Manage SAP projects from a process perspective

    Whats new in Corel iGrafx 2015:
    iGrafx 2015 carries on the legacy of aiding organizations in their quest for process excellence by continuing to provide innovative, accessible and value-creating solutions. Process teams will enjoy usability enhancements and features that help them easily communicate process knowledge throughout the entire organization and beyond. Business groups looking for flexible solutions to help them improve their operations and stay agile in the face of continuing change will be served by the addition of process automation capabilities.

    - Increase business agility, efficiency and compliance by automating business process workflow and monitoring process performance
    - Communicate processes more effectively with key stakeholders using customizable process narratives
    - Provide users a more focused view of how processes and related information pertains to their role, and better understanding of how their activities fit into the overall business context
    - Manage global SAP process implementations and local variances through the synchronization of SAP Global Template Projects in the enterprise model

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