Crime Busters (1976)

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    Director: Enzo Barboni
    Writers: Enzo Barboni (screenplay) Enzo Barboni (story)
    Release Date: June 1979 (USA)
    Genre: Action / Comedy / Adventure / Crime
    Country: Italy
    Language: English/Italian
    Duration: 1:49:46
    Bit rate: 128 kbps
    Dimensions: 720x576
    Size: 1*02 GB


    Terence Hill ... Matt Kirby
    Bud Spencer ... Wilbur Walsh
    David Huddleston ... Capt. McBride
    Luciano Catenacci ... Fred 'Curly' Cline
    Ezio Marano ... Bloodsucker
    Luciano Rossi ... Geronimo
    Luigi Casellato ... Drugstore owner
    Edy Biagetti ... Lieutenant Governor
    Jill Flanter ... Countess Galina Kochilova
    April Clough ... Angie Crawford
    Riccardo Pizzuti ... Fred's henchman


    Through an improbable series of events and an impossibly bungled supermarket hold-up* down on their luck con men Matt and Wilbur find themselves working with the Miami police force. As they patrol the streets of the city* their main job becomes trying to break the hold of the city's street gangs* including one group of teens in old movie-gangster style clothes* led by a kid named Geronimo who dresses in full Indian warrior regalia.

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